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"What'd you all order a dead guy for?"
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February 21 2013

The 13 greatest fictional make-out spots for getting lucky. The Hellmouth gets mentioned as a place to meet your monster-with-benefits

totally forgot that werewolves are attracted to places that ooze sexual heat.

"Xander Phases" ?? That's...not the episode I remember!
Well, this isn't the "most carefullester" list ever made anyway. Xander and Cordelia were shown doing some serious-on-her-part making-out in "Phases" so I guess the writer got carried away. (For example, he missed that Attack of the Eye Creatures is a word-for-word remake of Invasion of the Saucer Men.)
io9 is also on a long streak of terrible proofreading at the moment. I don't think they even look at their posts twice before putting them up, these days.

My first thought when I saw the entry was "All the Way": "Did anybody actually come here to make out? ...Aww, that's sweet! Run."
"All the Way" would fit the list much better. Cute vampire on the make and poor naive Dawn make a scary combination.
io9's editing (or lack of) has been atrocious. And I really thought that the hangar bay window that Billy and Dee went on their first date in BSG would have made the list. It was jam packed with snuggly couples that had to leave because there were MORE couples waiting. Quite a lot of smoochage for a fraction of 48,000 people.

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