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February 22 2013

Firefly reference in today's Love and Capes. Today's strip tells us that the main character (a superhero) in Love and Capes is a Firefly fan, even if his girlfriend doesn't get it.

Har har. Maybe I shouldn't speak as I haven't read anything else from this comic strip, but I'm getting tired of the constant insistence that nerd culture is no-girls-allowed. That's the implication here, if fairly subtle.
Actually, I've read the entire comic and it's not that she doesn't know Firefly she just doesn't care for it.

The author actually embraces the facts that ladies are geeks - the same character makes Star Wars references later. :)
Oh! And the other character is an alien and therefore doesn't know about Firefly.
Awesome comic & a big fav of girl geeks worldwide :)
Yes, because women don't know anything about science fiction and (according to Big Bang Theory) comics.
CSTS wondered if it was a charity screening. I poked L&C on Twitter and they replied, "I think that's a pretty safe assumption. I'm sure Mark owns it on blu-ray."

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