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February 22 2013

Firefly tabletop RPG coming soon from Margaret Weis Productions following the success of their Serenity game. Link goes to PDF press release at the company's site.

I don't really see why they need a whole other product.

I was a playtester for the Serenity game, and felt like the system didn't offer anything unique to the RPG world, and didn't really do a good job of supporting the kinds of characters and stories that the source material has. It was disappointing, so much so, that I didn't buy it.
Some more info from MWP developer Cam Banks on RPGnet, naming the concept team.
So this is the third major Firefly game in as many months and from different developers? Someone will have to explain the differences.
Well, the Toy Vault products we don't have any information on because all they announced was a license. Gale Force Nine announced a board game. This is a tabletop RPG, like D&D. I imagine they are doing one despite already having done Serenity because now they have the rights to stuff from the series, not the movie.
IIRC, Serenity was one of the first Cortex system games, and I think the general feeling (including the folks at MWP) was that it needed some tweaking (in fact, they put out a supplement to do just that). Since then, the system has undergone some interesting overhauls (I'm especially intrigued by the LEVERAGE version), so I would certainly be interested to see a new and improved version.
I just hope it doesn't end up being a repackage of the Serenity game with some tweaked rules. If they actually flesh out the game universe more as well as ironing out the kinks in the mechanics (spaceship building was a chore and its costs vs equipment was off), maybe I'll bite. Maps and adventures are always pluses.
I've got the core stuff for Serenity plus some adventures but never picked it up to play. (GM stage fright mostly.) But if this one has some wrinkles ironed out, maybe I could use it as a core and then incorporate stuff from the Serenity game as necessary.

I'm scared to run a game because I'm afraid I'll be bad at it, but I don't want to play a game because I know I'll be a jerk to whomever is running and be all Whedoner-Than-Thou.

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