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February 22 2013

Vulture commemorates the 15th anniversary of "Passion". The entertainment section of NY Mag recalls what a game-changer the episode was for Buffy.

On a personal note, this is my single favorite episode of TV ever, so, happy birthday!
My first post but a long time member. I had started watching Buffy from Episode 1 but Passion ensured that I never missed a show ever, and read all the comics. It aired on my birthday and it is also my favourite episode of Buffy. Still gives me the heebie geebies when I watch it.
I was so blown away by this episode when I first saw it. Angel's voice-over is so chillingly poetic and very, very well executed. I may have to break out the DVDs tonight to relive it!
This is easily one of my favourite Buffy eps. It felt movie quality.
gossi, Don't you mean better than 90% of movies?
Beautifully filmed and executed, emotions and plot of Shakespearean grandeur and pain, and as has been noted in this topic and many times over the years, has the quality of a movie, not television. It's not the only episode that felt that way over Buffy's series run, but it's one of the most important in the series. Thanks so much for the trip down memory lane. This is one that will stand the test of time and never feel dated.
This is my favorite episode as well.

Jenny was such a cool character and her death made clear, that anything can happen.
The whole episode felt special.
The other night I was wide awake at 3:30am and decided rather than count sheep I should see if I could still name all BtVS episodes in order (used to do this when I was bored in high school 11 years ago. I named 21 season two eps and fell right to sleep as soon as I remembered I missed Passion. How could I?!
I just finished re-watching Season 2, and I'm amazed anew how far the show came in such a short time. "Passion" tears me up every time. I was too shocked first time around to grieve immediately, but watching Willow and Buffy get the news of Jenny's death makes me cry every time. It's so rare we see Giles in a rage; he gives me chills when he goes after Angel. I keep hoping he'll win that battle (and I love Spike's "No fair going into the ring unless he tags you first" to Drusilla.) An amazing episode all around.
CaptainB - I'm so glad I'm not the only one that does that on occasion...

Passion is just incredible.
I do agree that it was a turning point for the show, an assured piece of film that told viewers, "Oh, this isn't just a good show. This is a ballsy show."
Definitely one of the most memorable Buffy episodes. And in fact, I'm not sure there's any other episode of the show that feels quite like it - the music, the visuals and the voiceovers give it a distinctly creepy and unsettling atmosphere.

It's also worth noting that Jenny's death is hugely significant for Willow, since it directly leads to her interest in witchcraft.
I'm going to get "Without passion, we'd be truly dead." tattooed on me. Not only was that quote life-changing for me at the time, that episode is truly incredible.

The voice overs were done expertly, the acting was incredible, and this is another episode that solidified me loving the whole Angelus/Spike/Dru love triangle.

And I still cry every time I see it! This episode also shows how truly ruthless Angelus is.
As others have said, this is the episode that truly made me realise just how good this show could be. Before, it was a programme I liked a lot and would always watch (was actually surprised when I bought season 1 on video that I had already seen all the episodes,) but it was something I would occasionally just have on in the background. After Passion, I made sure that I would give all my attention to every episode, normally watching before the early evening and late night uncut repeat BBC2 would show.

I still get chills when watching this episode. As well as the moments already mentioned, the piece where Angel is watching Buffy through the window and he is then suddenly in her room while she sleeps is really terrifying and probably one of the most unsettling moments the show has ever had.
This is always going to be one of my favourite episodes. I was also absolutely convinced that Ty King was just a pseudonym for Joss, because it felt like a Joss episode from start to finish.
I rewatched the episode today and am always gratified how, when I do this rewatch thing, I have forgotten enough to laugh or cry all over again; like Cordelia's ongoing shallowness, thinking her car is more important to ward against Angelus, than Buffy's house, because she invited him in once, then taking hours to convince her grandmother to switch cars with her! Sure, let grandma get killed instead of you!
According to IMDB the only other Buffy episode Ty King wrote was Some Assembly Required. Who'd have thunk it!
For any curious parties, Joss and Ty King worked together on Parenthood, for which I believe Ty was the showrunner. I do not know who actually wrote this episode. Joss obviously respected his work enough to bring him on to Buffy in the first place, but he also never worked on the show beyond this point. My gut says this was a Joss episode. But the world may never know.

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