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"Baby, meet yourself."
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February 23 2013

Tonight in Dublin - the European premiere of Much Ado About Nothing. And we'll be there. Follow our live tweeting from the event on Twitter.

Oh, I'm so excited for this! It's going to be awesome :)
Very excited too! It'd be nice to meet some whedonesque people there, go get a drink after or something, e-mail me if you want ;)
Ahhh wish I was there. Have a great time guys!
Have a wonderful time!
Ah the city I live in. And tonight I am in a different city. What are chances of Joss coming back to Dublin? #depressed

Enjoy those who will be there.
I will be hanging on your every tweet! And waiting breathlessly for your video links!
Is there going to be a twitter hash tag to use?
Where's my live Google Glass video feed?
I was promised in my imagination a live Google Glass feed!
What do I pretend to pay you people for?
Great photos at @Whedonesque! I wish I was there, it is so exciting to read the tweets and see the photos. Thank you<3!

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It's bloody freezing here.
Stay strong @simon and be brave. We are all counting on you to see us through.
Have a great time! May the warmth of the film disperse the freezingness of the temperature!
Joss is going to get a false impression of how cold it normally is in Dublin at this time of year .There has actually been some snow flurries today and before recent years that was rare .
Tonight Dublin would be worth a journey for one reason more.
Yeah, I thought I got here to get away from the snow for a few days. :)
It's really good. Go see.
Gah! You have to give more of a review than that, Simon! We are living vicariously through you! How did the audience respond? were they mostly Whedonites? Do you think that people who are fans of Joss would like it?
I think once fans get past the language barriers, they'll love it. The visual comedy is the best Joss has ever done. The score would make you weep it's so good. And everyone brings their A-game to the table. Especially Clark Gregg. And there's some Amy/Alexis scenes that top what they did on Angel. Nathan got a huge cheer when he appeared on screen the first time. Him and Tom Lenk are a great double act.

Me and Caroline also introduced ourselves to Joss in the red carpet so that was cool.
So Joss knows who he relies on when he checks his schedule now. ;) SO envious Simon.
So glad you guys got to meet Joss. Seems like it should have happened ages ago!
Hmmmmmm. . . so, here is a review from tonight, it seems: review

He seems to think the actors talked too fast.
Thanks, FarStrider

It seems the reviewer thinks he knows more than he does: The rest of the cast is made up of Whedon regulars Nathan Fillion and Tom Lenk, as well as newcomers Reed Diamond, Sean Maher and Clark Gregg. - interesting definition of "newcomers" there...

I'm delighted our mods have finally met the Man himself. And vice versa, natch.
I really can't wait until it opens everywhere. And we can all discuss this. Simon, I agree with all of this.They are all so good in this movie.
Here is another review. This one is good. . .
The thing is it probably wont open everywhere... Its gonna be a looooong wait till the dvd/blu ray. :(

Thanks Simon for the comments. :)
I'm curious Simon, what did Joss say to you when you & Caroline told him who you were?

I was lucky enough to see it at the Toronto International Film Festival and really enjoyed it. I can't wait to see it again when it is released in theatres.
According to Caroline, he said "it's about time" but then she did say "welcome to Ireland" before hand. I think he was a little bit disconcerted to see us or had no idea who we were.
At least he didn't say "avaunt!" and hold a cross in your face.
And Californian+Atlantic flight+freezing cold is never a good combination.
@Simon : well I'm also a witness and I think he knew who you were, like you said he was just a little out of it when he got there.
I wished I had said something smart when he was doing my autograph, but it wouldn't really have made a difference, I'm just happy I could look in his eyes for one second :)
This will probably not be believed. (Even though he very kindly agreed to a couple of photos to prove it.) But as it turns out, I was at the Dublin premiere because I couldn't get tickets to see the Glasgow one, (Which is nine miles from where I live!) and I had a VERY unique experience on the flight back. As it turned out that Joss had booked the seat right next to mine!

And so I got the once in a lifetime experience of getting to talk to Joss one on one, on the flight from Dublin to Glasgow. Which was a good hour and ten minutes long. Still feeling very guilty about it. As I imagine that he was very, very tired, and there I was doing the whole John Candy bit to his Steve Martin. (Ancient 'Planes, Trains, and Automobiles' reference there.)

I did try to make a posting about it, showing a photo of me and Joss in our seats on the plane, (As like I said to him..No would ever believe me!) But I think I maybe didn't realise that we're not allowed to post links to facebook pictures, even if they're on the public front page. So apologies to the moderators for that!

But Joss was a very good sport about it. Giving me not only an autograph of my Once More with Feeling soundtrack, but also a quick photo on the plane and a full photo in the airport lounge. Which I will treasure for the rest of my life.

Very ironic too, as because of the queue for ticket holders I never actually got the chance to get anything signed or a photo or a handshake at the actual premiere, but it was more than made up for by the fact that I got all three on the way back. As well as one of the loveliest and most fun hours of my life talking to a filmmaker who has always been a great inspiration to me. (In fact Angel is my favourite tv show of all time..) And I was lucky enough to get to talk to him about that and a whole host of other subjects too.

So Joss, if you ever read this, I am truly indebted to you Sir. It really was an honour and a privilege to meet you. And Thank you so so very much for being kind enough to take the time to indulge me and my many many questions! Good luck with everything you do, and all my very best wishes to you and your family for the future!

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