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February 23 2013

Fictional foods we want to try. A.V. Club Q&A list includes Mudder's Milk.

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I'm more interested in trying a Fruity Oaty Bar, actually. That commercial really sold it for me.
I'd like to try those protein bars from the pilot episode. I'm one of those people that can eat pretty much the same thing everyday forever. Which is probably why I'm never trusted to shop for groceries...
Definitely not interested in Mudder's Milk (Mudders' Milk?)
Butterbeer sounds good, though.
Fruity Oaty Bars aren't tough to make. Start with a date bar recipe or any bar cookie that includes oatmeal, stir in raisins or dried currants, chopped dried apricots and any other dried fruit you like or think would be available in the 'Verse.

Mudder's Milk sounds like a version of a flip or a posset: ale or a fortified wine, a sweetening agent and some spice, heated and shaken up with eggs or milk or butter or cooked oatmeal or some combination. Depending on heating method and ingredients, mixing has to be done carefully to prevent curdling. I found eighteenth century recipes for flip and posset in Lobscouse & Spotted Dog, a cookbook by Grossman and Thomas based on the food and drink mentioned in a series of novels about the English Navy by Patrick O'Brien.

Butterbeer is probably a flip.
Where's the love for Dawn's Peanut Butter and Banana Quesadillas?
I have a recipe and label for Fruity Oaty bars we have been using for 7 years at all the CSTS in Phoenix. If anyone wants it let me know.
Now I want to make a Pear Gruyère pie.
"The problematic ice planet" makes an appearance too!
Bayne: Probably because that could be a real recipe, so it's not fictional per se.

Me, I want to try roast solitaire, which is extinct rather than fictional.

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