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February 23 2013

Photos: Joss Whedon at the European premiere of Much Ado About Nothing. On the red carpet outside the Savoy on Dublin's O'Connell Street this Saturday.

He did have the sense to dress for the weather. It was cold standing out.
I think he was going for 'Irish itinerant'
Those are very nice photos.
Ah, now I know where those photos are from. I've seen them twice so far posted by people on Twitter and Facebook with no mention of who took them.
Very nice pictures Caroline ... did you get a chance to talk to him?
Yes. Here's how it went:

"Hi Joss. I'm Caroline. From Whedonesque." I point behind me. "That's Simon."

Joss looks at me like he has no idea what I'm on about.

"Um... welcome to Ireland." (Yup. The most inane thing to say.)

He takes a step back, presumably to get away from the crazy woman saying stuff he doesn't comprehend, and says "It's about time" and moves on to the next person.

It was a life changing experience. :P
So clearly he did know you! "It's about time" obviously refers to finally meeting you and Simon.
Well, it sounds Jossian, that's for sure. Very glad that you went, interacted & shared. Oh and saw a very large Alexis Denisof.

I love the photos of Joss and @Caroline, you deserve credit for them but my most favorite tweet of all was the photo of you mods. You're really real!
Those are beautiful photos, and I loved all the tweets! I'm glad you all loved 'Much Ado' and that the whole screening was so successful/fun!
:-) Thanks hann23.

Alexis was just great in the film. He and Clark Gregg. And the guy who played the priest. Oh, and Amy Acker, really liked her playing a grown up.

It was very, very weird for me to have this happening in Dublin, which is my second home. I come here three or four times a year, for business and pleasure. I will be celebrating my 50th here in April. Dublin to me is about (my) music fandom and work in the music industry. This was my very first 'whedonesque' event and to have it take place here was slightly disorientating.
I loved reading the description of the conversation. He meets a lot of people so that great brain of his needed more than a second to parse. "Joss, you know, Whedonesque (!), that place where you come and play with us once in awhile, nudge nudge wink wink..." It is to chortle. :=)
Why, it's Finn McJoss!
Oh, Joss knows who you are, Caroline, for sure. He named a character after you.
Caroline, those were some great photos, thank you! I think you caught Joss when he was lost in thought, doing the dreaming thing. I often done that myself. Anyhoo, I glad you actually spotted the man.

And may I wish you a "future" happy birthday? I'll be turning 50 as well this July. Dang, where does the time fly?
Caroline, I had no idea we were the same age (I will be 50 in April)! I thought you were much younger :)
And you ARE very clearly a much better photog!
Thank you for those wonderful photos!
Did anyone else notice that Joss is clearly turning into George RR Martin in that last photo..?

Edit: And GoT does film in Ireland... CONSPIRACY!

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Caroline, you should have said "It's not a blog!!!1!%".

I'm on the way to the Glasgow screening. I'm in a black "Detected" tshirt (because Skyrim for the win) if anybody wants to talk.
The photos really turned out great Caroline !
And what can I say about last night ? I absolutely loved the film, it's visually breathtaking and the cast is wonderful. Amy and Alexis are beyond perfect.
But seeing Joss was a dream come true. Getting his autograph, clapping for him when he got that special award, and feeling all the love in the audience, truly magical.

And meeting Simon and Caroline was the icing on the cake. I have to do this again :)
I am deeply envious right now gossi. ~1 hour away from Glasgow but missed out on the tickets. Have a wonderful time on behalf of all of us!
Yeah hope you enjoy it gossi, and maybe you'll get a longer Q and A, ours was way too short.
Nico! So good to meet you :-)
Sounds and looks amazing you guys! I sure hope to attend something like this one day; not just to meet Joss but to meet some fellow Whedonesquers too!

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