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February 23 2013

Vote in the 4th Annual Whedonoscars! They're like the other Oscars, but way more whedony, and you get to vote. This year's Whedonoscars feature new categories and a special video.

@WhyIWatch created the magnificent video and the web site!

Here's the problem with this... I get WAY too attached with everyone nominated, and I want all of them to win... ;_;

I guess it's just all good fun :P and it really reminds me of all the great performances/actors/actresses/crew members the Whedonverse has.

Whedonverse > every other fandom.
Some choices are painful. But I guess that's kind of on-theme. And we get to vote again next year.
That was an exceptionally fun list :)
Way tougher than the other Oscars.
How is one supposed to choose! It was very painful as they are all deserving. I look forward to the results.
is there somewhere where we can see all the previous winners? I have forgotten them all...
Wow, Best Female Performance in a Supporting Role is TOUGH. Best Male Performance in a Supporting Role is only slightly easier. Best Original Screenplay probably should've been called "best of the rest of the original screenplays", though.
Well, that was fun! (But I wanted to vote for everyone...)
i voted so can i go to the virtual awards i've a virtual gown?
Well done! That was fun. My twelve year old even participated a little.

He made me vote for the Avengers over Buffy, *********runs and hides*************.
This is such a great tradition!

It did present some difficult choices again, there just are far too many deserving candidates in the Whedonverse! (A far better problem than too few, of course.) Loved the video they put together & looking forward to the 'twitter ceremony'!
The Best Dramatic Moment was the one I had the hardest time with. So many good choices!
WhyIWatch deserves all the credit for putting together the marvelous video!

ETA: And the web site, too!

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Ok, I'm a bit confused. I just went over to check the results and...some of the winners in the categories didn't have the most votes. Like Alexis had more than Tony in Best Supporting Actor, but Tony still won.

Am I missing something? I looked at total votes & percentages, and some of them were like 3% of the vote but still won.
It was so nice to see the results for Best Picture to be so even across the bored. Equal love for all Joss works!

And yay for the 'A Hole in the World' love in those two categories.
Hi, @ShadowQuest! Not sure what you're seeing, but we announced winners on Twitter based on the most number of votes. Are some of the nominees showing up in bold for you on the page? I was having trouble with that earlier but thought I'd fixed it. To make matters clearer, I've added the winners as text after each category. Apologies for the confusion; this endeavor was last-minute as usual due to real life time constraints.

Many thanks to all of you who participated by voting, presenting and cheering on twitter!

Edited to add: From what I could see in the code, the poll template was bolding the choices you voted for, rather than the winners. I've edited that out to avoid confusion. Revised page here.

[ edited by whyiwatch on 2013-02-25 19:29 ]
Ah, ok, now it makes sense whyiwatch. I'm not on Twitter, so I was looking at the page where I voted.

Which...that was tough! I had a real hard time choosing between Victor as Topher and "Puny God" - both are priceless.

I liked the tribute video for Robin - very nice. (And now my brain's gonna go crazy trying to remember that music...) Wonder if they'll mention him next year during the real awards? Or is he not "big" enough?
I like the suggestion of calling them the Josscars (a comment on the site). Great fun and a beautiful tribute to Robin Sachs. I'm not sure how I missed the Whedonoscars in years past.

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