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February 24 2013

David Boreanaz will not be at Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con in June. He is now listed on the Wizard World site as a cancellation, "David Boreanaz will not be able to attend due to scheduling conflicts.

Five days ago, we reported that he would be at the event.

Yeah, this stinks. I saw that. I really thought he might be in town in case the Flyers actually did something this year. Well, that's not happening, so now we get this.

Seriously, that's my Philly head canon speaking. I have no idea why he's not going to be here.

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Wizard may have jumped the gun and not confirmed it originally.
Do you have a reason to say that, Simon? It's not unusual for con guests to cancel after they've signed. There's always an out clause.
It was known 48 hours after the original announcement that David wasn't coming. Various photo ops had been cancelled etc and people were putting two and two together. There was some chatter on Twitter that Wizard had gunned the gun in the same way with other (Buffyverse) guests in the past. I was waiting for some official announcement before posting the update.

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