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February 24 2013

Audio: Joel Grey's Cabaret. Joel looks back on his Oscar-winning role as the Master of Ceremonies in Cabaret. NPR host Rachel Martin can't resist also asking him about the ongoing recognition he receives as a BtVS alum.

Fitting reminiscence with this year's Academy Awards airing tonight...

So strange. I just watched his opening song in Cabaret last night.
This is a wonderful interview, of course I always adored Joel Grey!
I haven't seen Les Miz, but is there some way in which it has revolutionized the movie musical?
In short: yes. It's the first time ever that everything's been sung live on camera. Truly revolutionary.

I've seen the film, and the live singing feels so natural that playback now looks horribly outdated to me in comparison, even when done well. I truly hope this becomes the new trend. (Although I might have pre-recorded some of the chorus numbers, where you can't really tell the difference anyway. It would have given them more power.)
This is a real find, thank you. I am a huge fan of Cabaret, the musical and the film. Joel Grey is marvelous and has such a generous and youthful spirit. It's wonderful he's so enthusiastic about Buffy and the fans. While his roles over the years have run the gamut, from Matlock to the Carol Burnett Show to character actor roles in film, one I will still watch now and again is called Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins, a fun and inoffensive film in which Mr. Grey puts his considerable talents to use; he takes a worn concept and makes it his own. I won't say more in case you haven't seen it and are now curious.
I remember watching George M when it first aired, then going to school the next day to see if everyone else was as blown away as I was. Nobody knew what I was talking about.

Joel Grey is a long-time love.
Funny thing is, if he's finding an audience among youngish female Buffy fans, they probably also know his work in Wicked--they just might not know it's him!

Eta: ooh, and let's not forget that other connection; he is of course Clark Gregg's father-in-law!!! :)

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Weird... I saw him in Anything Goes last year and kept thinking, "why does he look so familiar?"
I love Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins! Joel Grey was so much fun in that.
I was going to mention Chiun, master of Sinanju, but Tonya and Eden beat me to it.
(I like to remind people that the Korean is the most perfect creature to ever sanctify the Earth with the imprint of its foot.)
That film started a bit slow, but the Joel Grey - Fred Ward dynamic is hilarious.
darling, batmarlowe: Umm, it's more correct to say it's the first one (since the early 30s) where the singing was recorded live while filming and was done well. There was a certain disaster back in '75....
At Long Last Love?

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