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February 24 2013

Glasgow Film Festival 2013: Joss Whedon talks about Much Ado About Nothing. Joss responds to questions about the making of Much Ado and how he approached filming Shakespeare.

Not a lot that is new here except a little more information about filming in his house.

I was there. Surprised how much I liked this, as I have never big on the Shakespeare (mostly through ignorance). The performances are really good, guys. Not a surprise, I'm sure. Amy and Alexis nail it, Fran brings life into a character who is really a bit of a dick (hey, Topher). Reed Diamond, I fear and respect you at all moments. Oh, Clark Gregg! He brings the feels. He's great. And needless to say: Nathan and Tom, comedy duo of awesome. Jillian Morgese, also lovely. Riki's also convincingly, er, fearsome. I'm not sure that's the word. She's different from musical Riki, anyhoo. And poor Ashley Johnson as Margaret - a sad little tale there.

Another treat was Jed, Mo and Zack popping up. Touchy touch, Zack. Let me buy the soundtrack please.

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I can't wait to see this! I'm so happy that everyone loves it.
I was there too - the film was extraordinary. Everyone just blew me away - Alexis in particular has never been better. Joss was his usual charming self with the fans outside (got me some pictures and autographs!) and the Q&A was fun too - with Joss joking that the mysterious 'Kevin' on the white board in Cabin in the Woods might be based on a certain writer with a habit of killing off favourite characters. :)
Just got home. Was a great weekend. The film is fantastic cant wait to see it again come general release!
I am excited to see this. I've read enough articles about how Joss had past jobs being a script doctor, trying to fix stories that have gone out of control. I think it is fascinating to explore how he handles a script that doesn't need fixing, but where he has to dig deep to find unique meaning to the words.

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