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February 24 2013

Discuss tonight's Oscar Awards. The Avengers is nominated for Best Visual Effects and some of the cast (Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Samuel L. Jackson, Jeremy Renner and Mark Ruffalo) will be presenting an award.

Nice tag there, Simon! We don't know The Avengers won't get it!
Oooooh, it will be so nice to see the Avengers men all dressed up. Help alleviate the boredom it will. I always hope for a less than three-hour show, so we'll see.
How I wish Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett, and Tom Hiddleston were there, but at least we get the majority of them!
Patton Oswalt is live tweeting tonight (the Oscars, not Downton Abbey, which he usually does on a Sunday night), I'm sure he'll be hilarious.
We don't know The Avengers won't get it!

Love how you put that. Sitting on pins and needles here.
YEAH! THey're on stage right now!
I love our Avengers! They are all so awesome.

Wow, I thought it was really rude to play off that Oscar winner so loudly... I mean they wasted 20 minutes on bad jokes, they couldn't give that guy 2 minutes for his life's work?

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Life of Pi deserved both awards 100%, I'm happy it got it.

Could someone tell me the jokes that Samuel L. Jackson, Jeremy Renner and others were making on the stage? I'm missing half of the jokes because of the stupid interpreter who keeps talking over them, even though he doesn't seem to understand 50% of what is being said and only translates about 30%, and he talks very slowly and has a really boring voice.
It didn't really make sense, Bunny. Not the interpreter's fault.
Something something, your face looks the surface of a thousand lunar landings, then RDJ threw out a multiplication, then later for the 2nd award, a mock argument broke out (I think). Maybe this photo will make up for the confusion:

'The Avengers' cast reunites on Oscars 2013 stage: Where was Scarlett Johansson?

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I was on vacation in NYC last week and bought tickets for Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, but it turned out that Scarlett opted out of the performance and her understudy took her place. Still a great play (and a good performance from the understudy), but that aspect was definitely disappointing. I had assumed maybe she was prepping for the Oscars, but guess I was wrong...
Renner was making a crack about the age of a couple Avengers cast members when he went on a bit (planned of course) on how cinematographers make even the oldest, most beat-up actors look good. Even slipped in a reference or two to Jackson and Downey's prior drug use. I could see how it got a little messy to follow in the live execution but it was pretty funny as far as Oscar humor goes.
Are the ads about Unicorn apocalypse a subtle reference to Cabin in the woods.
Oh, believe me, the interpreter is absolutely horrible. He didn't understand almost any of the jokes and kept mistranslating almost everything. The worst was when he tried to translate DDL's joke that his wife has lived with "some strange men" since they got married: "Before we got married... she lived with a strange man... I suppose he means himself the way he was before they got married". *headdesk*

He's also really in touch with what's going on, he said Jennifer Lawrence winning was a surprise. LOL
Ben Affleck thanked Tom Lenk (well he thanked everyone who was in ARGO) on Stage! So Congratulations to Tom, I hope you get he gets his SAG award soon!
Well, that's it. They got most of the categories right this year, except for the adapted screenplay one and the best picture one. *sigh* I was hoping against hope that it wouldn't go that way despite the predictions, but the Academy Award can't resist an average movie that manages to grab attention through a historically inaccurate depiction of an Important Historical Moment while simultaneously telling Hollywood it's awesome. Even though there were 7 excellent and very different movies this year, apart from Argo and that other attention-grabber that's even more flat and overrated but has an even Hotter Recent History Theme.
I came to this thread after the fact, so was Life Of Pi in the tag before or after the awards show.
I thought it was bunk how the guy talking about Rhythm and Hues cut off from talking about the protest going on outside the theater.
So was the big guy himself there last night? You know, the guy who wrote and directed the most successful film of 2012 and third most successful film of all time?
No, he was in Glasgow.
Is their oscar segment on youtube yet?
Quarter century of wanton self abuse :)

This cast - I love them.
I actually asked Joss about the Oscars after the Dublin Premiere, and he reckoned that Life of Pi had the effects award sown up. So his prediction came true. Which of course is a real shame for the Avengers effects guys with all the tremendous work they put in..
And while it wasn't for The Avengers, it is a shame that Seamus McGarvey didn't win for Anna Karenina...for Cinematography, I mean.
It's not a shame, since they don't put tremendous work in just to get an Oscar. They do it to make a good movie (and get paid, of course). And I'm sure that people who did the visuals for Life of Pi also put tremendous work in, so I don't see how it's a shame that the Avengers guy didn't win just because they put tremendous effort in. Naturally, there's more than one good movie every year, and it's not like those who didn't win awards are pointless or unsuccessful. I think that billion plus dollars of box office was a pretty big reward for their efforts.

It can only be a shame for you if you think that Anna Karenina has better cinematography than Life of Pi and that The Avengers have more amazing visual effects than Life of Pi. (Which I certainly don't.)

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