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October 02 2002

Golden anniversary for the Buffy comic book. Cinescape celebrate the 50th issue of the BtVs comic book with an interview with the co-writer Fabian Nicieza. (account needed)

Since the article is a premium article, you need to be have an account with Cinescape. But if you click here , there's a summary of the interview and a pic of the 50th issue cover.

Excerpts from the interview.

"After #50, we'll be doing several issues set between the original movie and the start of the TV show, so we'll explore aspects of Buffy and the supporting cast we haven't seen before."

And in the 50th issue

"It takes place right after last season ended and involves some dirty-doings in the remnants of the Initiative, the return of some old friends and some old foes"

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