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February 25 2013

Happy Birthday Alexis Denisof! One of Joss' most frequent collaborators turns 47 today.

Many happy returns!
Happy Birthday to our favorite ex-watcher, senator, Other, and Shakespearean leading male.
He is so good in Much Ado.
Happy, happy, happy, happy birthday!
Happy, happy, happy, happy birthday!

To one of my personal in-the-top-5 actors who played one of my Top 5 favorite characters , in slightly different order.
He was definitely my favourite actor on Angel. (Which since that's my favourite Joss Whedon show I guess makes him officially my favourite Whedon actor!)
And yeah, I agree with Simon that he was absolutely fabulous in Much Ado!
Happy birthday, Alexis! Very much looking forward to seeing you in Much Ado About Nothing. All the best.
Happy Birthday, Alexis! Hope to see you in lots of Shakespeare and works of some other writer.
Happy Birthday Alexis! May we see you in many more fantastic roles, like that of Wesley, in the coming years!
47?! He doesn't look a day over 37. Seriously, he's aging well.

And Happy Birthday!

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