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February 25 2013

Some Joss Whedon interviews from the UK and Irish screenings of Much Ado About Nothing. First up there's an interview with STV, a video interview with the Irish Independent, followed by an audio interview with Newstalk and finally one with Click TV (where you can catch a glimpse of us in the queue in Dublin). Joss also received an award at the Dublin screening, you can watch footage of that at The Movie Bit (the intro is gloriously cheesy).

Thanks Simon, nice to see a very small me in the back there :)
And here's another small interview from Glasgow.
Thanks for the Glasgow interview link! I was in that crowd, you can totally see me there! Great experience.
Simon, you have to tell us at what moment you and Caroline can be seen. I practically went through it frame by frame with no luck.
All of these interviews are delightful, and I am grinning from ear to ear hearing about it all! The one huge advantage of 'Much Ado' (as apposed to early showings of past Whedon work) is that I don't have to worry about spoilers, so I can go ahead and watch and/or read every snippet of information posted. I'm sure I'll manage to see it when it opens next June, so I just have to be patient until then.
Lioness, you can see us at 0:29. You can see me tweeting on my phone.

Hi Nico-Angel, it was lovely meeting you on Saturday.

I've added another link to an Irish Independent interview.
I had the pleasure of attending the Screening in Dublin, Joss was extremely kind to all the fans, He posed for a photo with me, signed my Firefly boxset, I was wearing my Jayne Hat, which is one of the two original Hats used in Firefly, I won it in a Charity auction a few years ago. I explained this when i met him and he was surprised and congratulated me. I also was very Lucky to get to ask him a question during the Q&A (I was that Goatee beard sporting Bald man).

I was standing in front of you guys in the line. Shame I didn't know it was you I would've turned around and said Hi.
I remember you in the Q&A, it's a small world :).
I am also part of a group of Podcasters involved in a show call The Irish Pubcast. Most of us were in attendance last Saturday and we will be recording our reactions and review of Much Ado this coming Thursday. I wont spam here with links or anything, but We are all massive Whedon fans so it will be worth checking out if ye have the time.
Is it just me, or does Joss seem to have a picked up a bit of a British accent in the Irish Independent interview? Brilliant.
Brilliant stuff. I was at the Dublin screening too. I didn't sleep till 5am the following morning as I was still buzzing from having met the man. I was the one who asked about OMWF & gave him the letter. I felt like such a lamo but there was no way I was going to pass up the opportunity to speak to him.

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