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February 25 2013

Transcript of Joss Whedon's Q&A at the Glasgow Film Festival. If you couldn't make the UK premiere of Much Ado About Nothing, you can now read what Joss said after the screening. And if you missed it, audio from his Dublin Q&A can be found here.

Thanks for posting this - very interesting Q&A!
Thank you so much for posting this. I was there and I can barely remember what was said because I was just so overwhelmed to see him. I can tell you that the audience was laughing all the way through the film and then all the way through his interview because he was just so funny and charming. The room was full of genuine fans of his work, I spotted a few Browncoats wearing Jayne's hat. Afterwards, I waited to meet Joss on the red carpet. I was able to get an autograph on my Doctor Horrible graphic novel and a photograph with him. Most importantly, I was able to tell him that his writing saved my life, he was my hero and thank him. It was great. He used looked at me with an expression like he really understood what that meant and that it meant something to him to hear it. I'd also just like to say that he was absolutely lovely and so friendly and funny to everyone there. He was just everything I thought he was and more. Of course, you guys all know that already. Lastly, the film is absolutely wonderful. Its so so funny and beautifully shot. Go see it the first chance you get.
Awesome. Except for confusing Drew Goddard with Drew Greenberg...
@LittleMsMuffet : So cool you got to tell him that. I was in Dublin and I wished I had told him he's the reason I study cinema but I was just too impressed and just said "Hi Joss" and "thank you". Maybe next time.
I'm only halfway through it and have to say it's a great interview, and thank you to whoever took the time to transcribe it.

ETA: Q updated to include Unfaithfully Yours and The Apartment.

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Really enjoyed that. Thank you!
Thanks, that is something special. A lot of insights into the making of 'Much Ado'. I'm so glad the movie was enjoyed so much by everyone there. I wish I had been there (but of course that goes without saying).
I really, really, could hardly wait to see Much Ado, but now I am afire to do so. Kudos to everyone who managed to make the showing, and to the wonder of the internet which allows us to coattail on these happenings with transcripts such as these. Thank you for the post!

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