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February 27 2013

Joss on his fans - "They have great taste, they're really smart and they're better than other people". A highly popular Joss quote from the recent Dublin screening that's doing the rounds in all the usual places. The interview (in full) with Click TV can be found here.

Far be it from us to disagree with the Joss!
The picture on Reddit has close to a million views in 6 hours. I do ponder if Serenity had come out now, if the story had been different.
I suppose Serenity would have indeed been more popular after Avengers, but I doubt Avengers would have happened without Serenity. I can't see Marvel handing such a movie over to somebody who had never directed a feature before.
I wonder too @gossi. The fandom has seeminlgy grown so much.

Joss and his words are just so pleasing.
Who are we to argue with The Joss?
He's just brilliant :)
I think it's t-shirt time for that compliment... * cough *
I'd buy that t-shirt!! Someone make it!
Tonya J, pgnbri Ok....I just had a mental image for that T-shirt - Joss, sitting in front of a full-length mirror, looking at his reflection, with the quote at the bottom. A la Stuart Smalley. Probably have to put "My fans" at the top, though, so it makes a bit of sense to those who didn't see the interview.
I'm thinking, why wouldn't a Firefly prequel sell a butt-load of tickets? It wouldn't require that folks had seen either Firefly or Serenity and could draw more people into the verse and then make that long overdue Serenity sequel happen.
I think a SERENITY (movie) prequel could be excellent, but a full Firefly prequel would be harder because 1) most of the crew didn't know each other long before, or at least you'd have to cut out Shepard Book, River, and Simon, but also because of 2) unfortunately, much of the cast is indeed looking older now. That wouldn't be a huge deal if it were a sequel or a late-series prequel (ala Serenity movie prequel), but it would be a bit jarring if you were watching in chronological order.
There could be Serenity: Into the Grave.
Uh oh... Don't let Emma Caulfield see this...
This might be my favorite quote ever.
Personally I have largely execrable taste (Joss excepted), I'm remarkably dim, and I am a wretched person. Joss has me all wrong.

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