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February 27 2013

James Marsters talks Spike, Spock and Joss. This interview was conducted at Creation Entertainment's Grand Slam Convention a couple of weeks ago.

I really thought I'd be losing interest in James' (and every other Whedon alumni's) commments on Joss and Buffy, but no - here I am again clicking the link when I should be working. And it was worth it. I get a lovely warm feeling when I get an insight, no matter how small, into the genius at work. We love Joss! Oh, and James too :)
"He's a genius," Marsters concluded, "so it's like, some days you'll get a huge amount of love, and some days you want to hide from him."

"campy '90s teen vampire show Buffy the Vampire Slayer"

.... There couldn't possibly be a worse description of this show. It's descriptions like these that make people who haven't watched it not want to watch it. Ugh.

Anyway, great interview. James is such a smart man. His comments are always so eloquent and insightful.
When they say 'Campy' it is code for: I didn't like the movie and I never watched any of the TV show. *sigh*
Thanks ever for the interview link - I always like to read the JM interviews. He added so much to the series.
Spock and Spike - my two all-time favorite TV characters.
And just one letter - two letters - difference, nebula tee hee - no, I get JM's point. He doesn't do standard answers, nice one.

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