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"Oh my god. You teach ethics?"
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February 28 2013

"What It Means to Mourn" - a Dollhouse essay. This originally appeared in the "Inside Joss' Dollhouse: From Alpha to Rossum" anthology.

Holy hell, that is one of the most overblown academic treatises I have read in a long time. And I generally love academic treatises.
Now I have a new vocabulary word: aporia.

What's funny (to me) is that I finally watched season 2, and finished it yesterday, just in time for this essay. (I was unhappy with season 1 when I watched it live, and I finally got the motivation to go back to it, after watching Cabin for the umpteenth time.)

Can anyone comment on the book (edited by Espenson) that this was taken from? Wondering how the other essays compare to this one.
@OneTeV: it's 98 cents in the Kindle Store. If you can buy it, definitely can't beat the academic bang for that buck.

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