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February 28 2013

10 greatest handguns in all of science fiction and fantasy. Including at least one familiar object that tends to go 'BANG!'

Although not the one I would've picked, given the criteria and the selection available.

I guess Vera isn't a handgun, huh? Oh well. I've got a replica of Mal's in my storage right now (my son bought it).
I'm with Buffy and Doctor Who on this one. Guns? No, thank you. A sonic screwdriver, however, is always right at the top of the list on my yearly letter to Santa.
There's always been a hint of moral contradiction in the Doctor's indignation towards anyone with a gun, then uses his sonic screwdriver to kill tens of thousands of beings. As for Buffy, I guess it's pretty easy to disdain guns for protection when you're a superhero and have the mysterious force of the screenwriters on your side....
Buffy was pretty capable of protecting herself, even when forcibly robbed of her power, without the use of a gun. I think the Buffyverse position on guns is pretty clear; one need not look too far beyond the senseless death of Tara to see it. The Browncoat world is certainly not so high-minded. That doesn't bother me; after all, fiction is fiction.

I try not to analyse heroic/super-heroic characters too much in terms of their real-life connotations, as doing so rarely makes me happy. Their heroism is ultimately dependant on the chaos and decay around them. As such, for all the idealism that heroic characters embody, the worlds they inhabit are often little more than stylised dystopias. It's a deeply cynical conception of the world, in my humble opinion. (And I must stress this point - it is only my opinion.)

Because I choose to think of the world as a more hopeful and safe place than the version of which I am bombarded with by a relentlessly hysterical news cycle, guns have no place in my world. (That world, by the way, is Australia.) I am not repelled by them in the fiction I consume, but when I read or view texts that call them out as being more reaction than protection, I give a little cheer inside.

I don't want to be too serious about this, though. I still smile every time I see The Terminator, and hear Arnie talk of the 'ooozi-nihn-millimeeeetr.'
Or "Phased plasma rifle, 40 watt range..."
Didn't some "Who" villain or another also make a valid, broader point that sort of encompassed the convenience by which the Doctor always managed to surround and ally and otherwise win loyalty of those who were far less on the fence about firearms and using them in general?

Maybe since they don't have a live-action adaptation they didn't rate, but it's hard to believe that nobody making this list thought of Roland's guns, the big iron with the sandalwood grips that chamber and fire .45 LC. Iconic sci-fi/fantasy weapons, those.

I actually have always been intrigued by where prop departments come up with futuristic firearms and how they realize them. I know in the "Total Recall" remake, they used the Chiappa Rhino with a couple tweaks because that... already looks kinda alien and futuristic. I gotta think some prop department somewhere is gonna put the Taurus Judge to good use because it's peculiar profile.

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Mal's pistol looks like it was built on one of the Lemat frames, too. There were several different models with different grip profiles. Han Solo's blaster was built from a Broomhandle Mauser.
Again, only print and animation, but my fave will always be Larry Niven's Soft/Slaver Weapon
You sold a reverberating carbonizer with mutate capacity to an unlicensed cephalopod?!
The 1911 45 automatic has always served me well, no need for change.

"Gun control is being able to hit your target."

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