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February 28 2013

Enver Gjokaj cast in ABC's Murder In Manhattan pilot. Enver will play Jack, the leads best childhood friend and possible love interest.

Murder In Manhattan is a dramedy set in New York centering on mother Blythe and daughter Lex (Bridget Regan) who team up as amateur sleuths. Enver will play Jack, Lex’s best childhood friend, now an NYPD directive who has feelings for Lex and helps her and her mother in their investigations.

Enver and Bridget Regan in the same show? Make this now!!
Finally, someone snatched up this talented actor. I hope it's successful and he gets more recognition because of it.

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Yes! I hope it's good and makes it to series. Enver deserves this more than anyone.

And Bridget Regan is gorgeous. So high hopes.
He was so cute on Vegas a couple of weeks ago.
Wishing him the best in this project.
Keeping my fingers and toes crossed -- Enver is an amazing actor! Let's hope the role will make a good use of his great acting range.
Nice to see him getting a role bigger than the odd guest spot here and there. Hope it makes it to series.

Though my hopes of his role of "Young Cop" in The Avengers evolving into "Young Cop Who Became Promising Young SHIELD Agent" in another show would be dashed.
Great! I hope it get's picked up. Knock 'em dead Enver.
I can actually imagine this programme being good fun. And I do very much want to see more of Mr. Gjokaj. And having space for both comedy and drama would suit him rather well.
I wish he was picked up for ABC's SHIELD.

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