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March 01 2013

Joss Whedon shares his favourite Buffy episodes. Digital Spy lists the five greatest Buffy episodes in response.

That is exactly what my list is. Such a shame that Ty King only wrote 2 episodes for "Buffy."
One time he wrote a musical. <3
That's our cue to start listing. Honestly, talking just Joss episodes, filling out the top five should be Hush, the Gift, and Restless. Innocence might fit in there somewhere.
I hate watching videos ... What were the five on his list?
I didn't watch the video either.

My favorites:

Fool For Love
Once More With Feeling
The Zeppo
The Gift

In no particular order. I'm feeling weird about posting this list repeatedly throughout the years, but I just can't resist...

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He didn't have a five, it was just him saying his two episodes that he was most proud of saying yeah btw I did that were The Body and Once More With Feeling. Nothing surprising at all.
I wonder if Go Fish is anyone's favorite...
I wouldnt put it on my top ten, LadyJay, but i love it!
What about Beer Bad?

(I'm just thinking about how my favorite episodes are different from what I think of as the best episodes. So I'm trying to think of episodes that I love but don't necessarily think of as great quality compared to other Buffy episodes.)

  1. The Body
  2. Once More With Feeling
  3. Hush
  4. The Zeppo
  5. I Only Have Eyes For You

I suspect the last is the most controversial, but I've always found that a beautifully crafted ep. The twist is simultaneously unexpected and inevitable, and the moral feels both sincere and perfectly suited to that point on the series arc. It wasn't a game-changer like the Big Two, but solid mainline eps are the foundation for the game-changers. A series made up entirely of Hushes and Restlesses would be more Twin Peaks than Buffy.
LadyJay, I do that too. My favorites and the ones I think of as best aren't necessarily the same, and my lists tend to fluctuate. Guess that's why I keep the Whedon shows in steady rotation. Even those I sometimes think of as my least favorite have moments I want to see again.
I am guessing "Go Fish" is probably the favorite of fans of Wentworth Miller (who has turned screenwriter - his "Stoker" is coming out this weekend) and people who were watching in the hopes that Xander would turn up in swim trunks.
There are lots of great episodes, a couple more of mine that aren't listed already are Earshot, and Pangs.
pollaxt, I've always wondered if Ty King's episodes were ones that received heavy Joss rewrites (Passion, in particular). Don't know his story, though - I could be completely wrong on that.
I enjoyed Go Fish, but it's not one of my favorites. My five favorite episodes, ::sigh:: to narrow it down to five are as follows:

The Body
Once More With Feeling
The Wish
The Gift

Ugh, it's so hard to mention only five. I could go on.
My top five Buffy eps list looks something like this:

Graduation Day, Parts 1 and 2 (which I'm counting as two episodes)
The Body
The Gift
Once More, With Feeling

If Graduation Day is just counted as one episode, then I'd probably add in Innocence.
I'm gonna plug "Lie to Me" and "Restless," as usual, just 'cause I don't think they get enough play.
I'm really fond of The Puppet Show, it's my favourite monster of the week episode. If I was going to rewatch Buffy I'd go for Once More With Feeling and the last four episodes of Season 6. Oh and Selfless which is a tour de force.
Family is my favourite underappreciated episode. It would land somewhere in the middle of my ten favourite episodes. Helpless also needs more love. Same Time, Same Place is another favourite. I could go on...
I'm surprised no one mentioned "Becoming, Part II".
Becoming Part I and II are classic, and I feel like "Fool for Love" is underrated!
Becoming also got my vote. You will never see a more brilliant two hour segment of t.v. Ever.
I rewatched Passion last week, wondering what I missed. Honestly do not care for that episode. It's got some good stuff, but the cheesy voiceover kills it for me.

My list.
1. Fool For Love
3. The Gift
4. Lover's Walk
5. Tabula Rasa
I like episodes with a good mix of comedy and emotion. And action. I like the action.

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I love and have lived The Body. Many of us have lived it, I dare say. It happened in a slightly different way for me, though. Watching The Body genuinely helped prepare me for reality. I imagine that other episodes have played a similar role for people.
Today is the second anniversary of me living my version of The Body, when my husband was killed.
If I may throw my hat into the ring, I must add, "Selfless" and "Conversations with Dead People".

Really, it's hard to draw a line....
Amrita, very sorry for your loss.
Amrita, my sympathies.
As am I. Amrita, have you since recoved?
Thanks very much for your concern. Sudden deaths are harder to deal with than expected deaths. You never really recover, but you learn how to cope.

What happened was he was riding his scooter to work. A careless driver cut him off in traffic and hit him. He had relatively minor injuries, but while waiting for the ambulance a distracted driver ran him over and killed him. At least he did not suffer.

A trivial problem in the grand scheme of things is he died two days before my birthday, which is today, and will always somewhat suck from now on without him.

He was a Special Ed. teacher, a Browncoat and donated a lot of books to Kids Need to Read.

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