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March 01 2013

"Much Ado About Nothing" to close out Wisconsin Film Festival. Wisconsin-dwelling Whedon Fans will have the chance to see "Much Ado About Nothing" a little early this April at the Wisconsin Film Festival in Madison.

"Much Ado Without Nothing" is only referenced in the second to last paragraph of the linked article, but still exciting news for those of us in the area. It's not yet known if any special guests will attend.

Aww, man! It ends the day before we'd be going down to our friend's for Midwest Horse Fair! BOOO!

I'll let her know, anyway - she's a huge Shakespeare fan, and a Buffy/Joss fan.
I definitely want to get there to see this, my worry is that the day tickets go on sale, March 16th, is the day I'm driving up to Chicago to go see 'Book of Mormon' w/my brother... I'll have to figure out a way to do everything!
Looks like it will be playing on a Thursday. Two hours is a bit too far away on a weeknight :-(
Hmm... Two weeks until the film guide is posted.
Will have to see if it is showing late enough in the day to drive up to Madison. (But early enough to get back home before work on Friday!)
How psyched is Pat Rothfuss gonna be about this?
Will also have to see if I can make the trip up from Chicago. I really hope so. Waiting is not in my nature.
Finally a reason to attend the event.
It will take years until I get to see this in Germany, I guess. But I can't wait. I love the play and the Branagh version. Hopefully in this the Claudio-Hero-story will be a bit more interesting to watch.
For the first time ever, I am jealous of Wisconsin.

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