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March 02 2013

David Fury interview on HuffPost Live. It's a very comprehensive and insightful overview of his career to date.

Some highlights -

Fury got hired for Buffy because Joss was looking for comedy writers. He also rates Joss as an artist and aspires to be like that. He also gives a great breakdown of what has to happen in a Buffy episode and actors' input into roles.

Good stuff, I always enjoy interviews with David.
David is probably my favourite interviewee after Joss. Always lots of funny Buffy-related stuff
I've always wondered how things would have played out if D.F. had gotten his version of Spike through.
Very interesting, thanks.
Wow, I never heard about David Fury's comedy background. That is really interesting.
I was very hopeful (and remain so, although I don't know if this interview already covers his next gig) that the Whedons would add him to the S.H.I.E.L.D. staff once Fringe was over.
Uncle Fury shining his light again. A very talented man, so looking to his next project.
He is literally one of my fav Buffy/Angel writers, and he tweeted me once too! :D haha.

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