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March 03 2013

Peggy from Mad Men invents Buffy. And then the rest of the Mad Men team ruins it.

I got excited...then I saw it wasn't one of the ones with the real actors. Good concept, badly executed IMO.
I thought it was funny. Maybe I'm easily amused.
Y'know, it's worth noting that they have to get more than a little bit into turning it into "Twilight" before it actually manages to stop still being "Buffy". It's not until they turn the vampire into all-american guy/athlete/baseball player and remove needing to shoot at night (of course, they are also turning into "The Vampire Diaries", or at least about three episodes worth).
Mad Men and Buffy are probably my favorite shows ever (put Firefly in there too!) but this was baaad...

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My favourite part is the way they disdain girls wanting a SF show. Like the mindset of people making Big Bang Theory etc.
It's close, verrrrrryyyy close, to showing how the 60s would have reacted to Joss pitching Buffy (blurred into sparkly-fangey cos that's, like, what everyone knows), Dollhouse ... for one happy moment, I thought the Janitor was going to say, "My name's Joss and I want to write scripts for a living." Very close, though.
They should never have started with the twilight stuff - it was going pretty good till then and I agree with ferdy-m, really captures the 60's would-be attitude to such an idea
I can imagine Peggy as an old lady being a huge Buffy fan. And yeah, I too was expecting the janitor to be Joss or Joss's dad or something. An alright sketch though.
Just my viewpoint, but I think part of the joke is that there are still a lot of people now who are mired in the 60s mentality, that things haven't improved as much as we might think.
I think it illustrates the idea that even after a show like Buffy, wich was so important to the development of women in sci fi horror tv, its easy to go back to the worst sexist concepts again in a couple of years or, as Joss said in a little comics 8 season, if you try to change the world, it doesnt just stays changed; it pushes back.

The execution of this video is just so poor...
I agree with Darkness; I thought the point was in the contrast. It was pretty funny how plausible it was to see Twilight pitched by characters from Mad Men, and how modern Buffy seemed by comparison. And I thought the actors did a great job of capturing the characters. (I think Pete's line about having the vampires glow, no - sparkle! got the biggest laugh from me.)
OneTeV, that is the whole point of Mad Men. It holds up our past and makes us examine it and admit we really haven't come as far as we would like.
I'm with KnitWit, the setting was very basic, but the actors had the pace of dialogue and characters of the Mad Men pretty well the actor playing Peggy was spot on for voice and delivery if you ignored costume and hairstyle and when the guy playing Pete laughed, I thought it was very real.
Haha, I tend to notice the acting first and foremost - and I guess sometimes exclusively, because it didn't even occur to me that the setting was basic. Although now that ferdy-m mentioned it, it was pretty bare-bones.

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