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March 03 2013

Eliza Dushku will be a guest on next weeks AMC's The Talking Dead. At the end of tonight's Talking Dead,host Chris Hardwick announced Eliza will be their guest to talk about next week's episode of The Walking Dead.

I'm certain someone will ask her how Faith and other slayers would do in a zombie apocalypse, just like when Joe Manganiello of True Blood was asked whether werewolves would come out on top over walkers.
This is very cool. I enjoy Talking Dead and love Eliza, so yay!
This show is a must-watch for me after watching The Walking Dead. So much fun. Always interesting to see who the next celebrity guests will be.
If she will be talking the talk, will she be walking the walk, or at least guesting on "The Walking Dead" as a live person? (I guess if this is knowable, it will be announced during the talk.)
I love 'The Talking Dead', it is hugely entertaining and always has some interesting guests. I'm glad Eliza Dushku will be on it, I'm sure she is a fan of the show and I'll be interested in all her comments.
I haven't watched it as much since they've switched to an hour long format (too much IMHO) and the guests haven't been all that great the last few weeks, but I'll definitely watch Eliza. I'd watch her read the phone book.
I'm from the UK, so I have never even seen The Talking Dead, but they should really book Emma Caulfield as a guest. She's always talking about The Walking Dead on twitter and she seems to be really passionate about her favourite tv shows in general. She'd be a good guest.

Haven't seen any of Walking Dead season three though. I've heard it's an improvement on season two.

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Season 3 is great, more action packed and gut wrenching than Season 2. Last night's episode was possibly one of the best.
I've felt that Season 3 has had more character growth. It seems like the story lines are more interesting than before.

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