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March 03 2013

Netflix nominates "Buffy" for "Best Guilty Pleasure" in first ever Flixie Awards .... in the same category as "Toddlers and Tiaras", "Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon", and "90210". ETA: Those outside the US may see different shows and movies nominated.

With the description "Which movie or TV show do you publicly condemn but secretly adore? Don't be ashamed, we're all complicit and it's time to come clean..." Is "Buffy" really still this misunderstood after all these years? Do any of us want to vote for this? Discuss.

Publicly condemn? Uh, no. Fuck that. Buffy has never been any kind of 'guilty' pleasure at all. To quote Hiddles: "I never feel 'guilty' about my pleasures.

Bite me, Netflix, you suck anyway. Call me when you get Criminal Minds.
BtVS was a guilty pleasure of mine for a few weeks. After that I realized it was just plain great (though I did have a hard time telling my girlfriend about it), and started converting people.

I'm wearing my "Whedonist" t-shirt right now, in fact, without the slightest guilty twinge.
I have to agree with ManEnough.

I started with Buffy by getting the DVDs out from the library and for the first couple times I got them out I was always kind of embarrassed. Now I'm at the converting people part too.
Now Willowy, watch that temper....
Now that I reflect on it, I suppose "Buffy" was a bit like a guilty pleasure for me at first.... for about a week or two. But since then it's been nothing but pride and conversion and t-shirts.

So, a similar story to most people. But I still don't think it would ever belong in this category.
I've edited the subject line to avoid any potential confusion as Buffy is not a nominee in the UK Flixies awards.
Guilty pleasure? lol, I loudly and publicly proclaim my love for Buffy (and Clueless, and Cruel Intentions), and have done so for years!
Never been a guilty pleasure, but all my friends are kinda making fun of me for being a Buffy fangirl. Well, those poopheads just don't get it, their bad. They can go slay themselves.
I understand why some may be made to feel guilty about Buffy. Like others have said, I was embarrassed at first. Even now, when people, particularly colleagues, ask about my favorite show I pause before the words come out of my mouth. The reactions I get are mixed, but I still think the general mainstream doesn't "get" Buffy.
Watched "Buffy" from Episode 1 when it aired. Never felt guilty. Maybe just the crowd I hang with, but nobody attempted to make me feel guilty, either.
Wait, why should you feel guilty for watching Buffy? Think I'd missed something here.

Please fill the holes. Otherwise, I will.
Buffy has always been a pleasure to watch!
Sadly there are still a bunch of people who don't "get it" or never were exposed to anything other than the "highschool teens and vampires" pitch.
The only twinges of guilt here are when watching Buffy has seduced me away from doing other things that I ought to be doing instead. Aside from that it's pleasure all the way.

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That's what I thought. It's never an embarrassment. I still talk strongly about these stories and shall should you.
There are quite a few people who "get it" and the ones that don't probably never get over the cheesy parts. In many episodes I have to cringe as well, but the ability to be silly and epic at the same time is something I always admired about Buffy. If that makes it a guilty pleasure for others, that's fine. I think it takes a lot of courage to pull it off and the amount of pleasure I got out of watching it did make me feel a bit guilty... in a good way. :)
Quite simply, it sounds like it should be a guilty pleasure but it isn't if you actually watch it. Hence the mixed feelings.
Can it refuse the award?
I hope we can all join you in refusing. Something stinks @Netflix.

Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf are also nominated and they have huge passionate fan bases.

Do you think this category is to get everyone upset and chatting?

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Is there a way to write a comment on that website? Whoever made this category is obviously completely ignorant and just goes by the title, and perhaps the subject matter.
Yknow, maybe the whole Whedonverse collection can be moved to another service. They have a PMS category. This is all to get media outlets and social media to do their advertising. And it's being done by needling fans with what they know are push button categories.

I have to agree with @brinderwalt, it's the name. I still feel a little embarrassed when I tell people it's my all time favorite show. I don't, however, feel that way when I talk about Angel and I love Buffy about 10 times more.

I also feel embarrassed when I talk about Cougertown, which is my favorite currently airing show. It really says a lot about show titles being barriers to entry.
I resent this. *pouts*
Buffy's a guilty pleasure like Shakespeare's a guilty pleasure. The only people who call Buffy a guilty pleasure are people who have never watched it. Humph!
Okay, the fact that they are calling it a guilty pleasure along sides atrocities such as "Toddlers and Tiaras" is just wrong. That's like comparing Buffy, a quite strong female character, to Honey Boo-Boo, who shouldn't exist. /facepalm

Netflix can suck it on this one.
I can't believe I'm jumping to Netflix's defense, but anyway...

Which movie or TV show do you publicly condemn but secretly adore? Don't be ashamed, we're all complicit and it's time to come clean…

Buffy does/did have a reputation for being a guilty pleasure for many people, at least in the States. I spent a few years suffering odd looks from people when I ever mentioned Buffy because they had a preconceived notion of the show based upon the title. I don't know how common that notion is now considering Whedon's current cachet, but back in the day it seemed a godsend for me to find people who dug the show as much as I did (outside of the internet, anyway).

It's not a quality comparison category, but one of secret love. Now, if your love for Buffy isn't secret, then you shouldn't vote for it in this category. That being said, I can't fathom people who love Toddlers and Tiaras, secret or otherwise.
The only people who call Buffy a guilty pleasure are people who have never watched it.

Because both the title and the simple plot synopsis make it sound stupid - which is, of course, the whole point. Say what you (and I) will about joss's creative genius, he's never been one for coming up with marketable-sounding ideas (because - let's face it - that would be just way too easy.)

Names are tricky things. They can say absolutely nothing about a person or a thing, but until you discover that person or thing for yourself they're often the most significant thing you have to go by.
Note that guilt and shame are not typically regarded to be the same thing, though it is easy enough to mix them up; also, I think, the two can genuinely blur together under certain circumstances. Feeling concern at how others do or may view your preferences and evaluations is a matter of shame, not guilt. Judging yourself harshly for your preferences, actions, etc., is where guilt sets in. I never felt either about Buffy myself, but I can imagine that some people might, for a bit. I can see that making sense at first.

The distinction I make here is pretty standard and widespread; but I don't know if everyone makes it. I think there is a real distinction here, borne out by some of the remarks in this thread, whether everyone uses the words 'shame' and 'guilt' these ways or not.

I have always taken the expression 'guilty pleasure' to be genuinely about guilt rather than shame before. One might, of course, be ashamed to admit to a pleasure at which one felt both guilt and shame.

Willowy, Lovefilm UK currently has Criminal Minds streaming; I have no idea about other territories, I'm afraid.
The distinction I make here is pretty standard and widespread; but I don't know if everyone makes it. I think there is a real distinction here, borne out by some of the remarks in this thread, whether everyone uses the words 'shame' and 'guilt' these ways or not.

Honestly I would say neither of those words really fits the topic. 'Embarrassment' would be much more apt, imo.
Cases of embarrassment would be a sub-set of cases of shame according to the distinction I mentioned, not an oppositional alternative to it. But whatever way the words are used in detail, embarrassment is surely a case of concern about the perceptions of others. And, as I take it brinderwalt is suggesting, this is not the same as guilt (or other cases of shame, if there are such). But surely there are genuinely guilty pleasures too, not just those one would be embarrassed to admit to. I think I have had guilty pleasures; but I usually either cease taking pleasure that way or decide that I was wrong to feel guilty. I have, here, certain films by Luc Besson in mind. (I'm not mentioning Stephanie Meyer. No way!)
Shonda Rhimes, who created Scandal and Grey's Anatomy, recently talked about how insulting it is for her shows (Scandal in particular) to be called "guilty pleasures" because the connotation was that they weren't good shows but you watched them anyway. This is a woman with a lot of fans and has created numerous hit TV shows with interesting (if melodramatic) plots and casts full of diversity. It was irritating for me that she had to defend her shows because they kept getting put into "guilty pleasure" categories with terrible reality TV that had no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

BtVS is one of my favorite shows. It contributed to my growth as a person and even though 20 something me rolls her eyes at some of the things about it 16 year old me thought was genius, I still think its a high quality piece of entertainment. Not a guilty pleasure at all!
Maybe it's me but "guilty pleasure" always seems to be more associated with shows with well-written female leads or genre shows than anything else. Or in Buffy's case, a genre show with well-written female leads. Hint of sexism in the whole thing.
I hope Buffy fans don't vote for this thing.
Netflix made their definition clear: "Which movie or TV show do you publicly condemn but secretly adore? Don't be ashamed, we're all complicit and it's time to come clean…" So, what movie or TV show do you secretly like but downplay to your friends and family? You can debate the merit of including Buffy in that category, but then I don't think anyone here secretly likes it. We're all out in the open. That doesn't mean everyone is.

As I pointed out in the other post on this topic, it's Netflix. They made up an award and nominated Buffy for it. It's not really worth all the fuss.
But someone is wrong on the internet!
Ridiculous, that's why buffy came in second for E! ultimate tv Fans last year, even though it's been over for so long. And I wear my I <3 Buffy shirt all the time and people compliment it.. Just sayin.

Buffy rules!
I think there was a mixup. They have The Killing under the Best TV Marathon category and Buffy under the Best Guilty Pleasure category. I think it should be the other way around.

Clueless is another under the Guilty Pleasure category that I think deserves better (unless they mean the TV show in that case)

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