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March 04 2013

Alyson Hannigan is ageless. Alyson is featured in a story about stars who appear younger than they are. Bianca Lawson is also featured.

Actually, I can see she's aged a bit -- something in the eyes, I think. Certainly not showing it anywhere else, though!
Certainly nothing super-visible. She has some "Crinkle-ups" around her lips but she had those the last couple seasons as Willow. And in recent years she had, for a while at least, I didn't notice them in the latest few pictures, "Anne Francis cheeks." IE, she belongs in this article. Bianca, too. Phwoar!

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The article is from last September. Of course she is going to look younger.
Mostly it's her pregnancy weight, I think. It makes her look a little older, and it's in no way bad thing she's letting it fall naturally.

That picture also looks like it's from about four years ago.
I take ageless to mean something else; that person has a certain je ne sais quoi. Alyson not only looks youthful to me but I think she will always have a youthful vitality even as she ages. Maggie Smith has that and there are moments when I still catch a glimpse of Jean Brodie, just as I'll always see Willow in Alyson.
She has certainly aged, and it is noticeable. The difference is she looks so much better now than she did eight years ago.

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