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March 04 2013

Latest teaser for Marvel's First event includes Joss' name. All will be revealed at SXSW on March 10th.

Btw Joss will be at SWSX for the Much Ado About Nothing premiere.

Very curious... Joss back onto a Marvel property in comics? Yes please! Can't imagine his run on whatever it might be (if at all) would be that long though, with all his other commitments.
Mark Millar's name is there as well and I can't see him returning to Marvel comics. Maybe it's some sort of transmedia event with the gurus of the Marvel comic book world collaborating with the gurus of the three Marvel movie universes. And as other people have pointed out, where's Hickman?
The splurb in the article talked about "bringing print and digital media together", so it might involve TV and movie digital media (which have Joss's jam-covered fingerprints all over).
I'm pretty sure I've heard rumblings of Marvel making their whole back catalogue available digitally. That would include Joss' Astonishing run I guess?
@simonHelbergIsMoist-Isn't much of their catalog already available digitally? I am a member of the MDCU, and Astonishing is definitely on there. Maybe they are releasing more of the missing content (there are definitely holes in the MDCU)?
People have often been hammering on Marvel for the lack of entry points for new readers. That mainstream audiences are loving Marvel's movies, but then have no idea what to comics to pick up as it's all so different than what is happening in the movies. Perhaps they finally have paid attention to these criticisms and looking for more of a direct line between Marvel Cinematic Universe and the comics.

That said, Joss seems to have so much on his plate this year, I would be surprised if he had time to add anything more to it than perhaps oversee something and give suggestions.
Joss also did an arc on Runaways (first guy up after BKV left).
@Jelly - Yes, I believe at the moment MDCU purports to have over 10,000 comics available. The question is how many over 10,000? The entire Marvel back catalogue is somewhere in the region of between 30,000-40,000 (including imprints and acquired publishers).

I imagine they've just stuck the "hottest names" on that image. I mean Stan Lee hasn't really written Marvel comics for 30 odd years.
Is it bad that it took me about five minutes to find his name there?
Usually with Marvel teasers, I'll at least have some idea, but this one has me stumped.

As said, much of the Marvel back catalogue is already available digitally, and much of the rest simply does not exist in digital form and needs to be scanned in, so releasing it all at once is not feasible.

Marvel teasing something that is strictly reprints seems unlike them, but on the other hand, I can't see some of those names returning to do new work.

The best I can come up with is a big hardcover of #1's (already rumored for all the Marvel Now #1's, although this can't be that exactly) or Marvel is joining in on the recent and seemingly successful practice of reprinting #1's for $1 as cheap entry points.
In case anyone was wondering, they announced what this is. Marvel is giving away 700 free #1 issues of various comics on their app and digital store. I've been having lots of trouble getting in to the site today, I'm guessing the traffic is really high.

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