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March 04 2013

'Avengers 2 digs into character relationships' says Joss. He also says he has the sequel's story fully outlined.

SUPER exciting. The first one really is a lot more character focused than people think.... I think if you just saw the movie once, so much is going on that you're trying to piece all the pieces together... If you've seen it more than once, you see all the humor, all the heart and the great acting moments between everyone.

But if this film is going to be even MORE character focused, sign me up. That's super exciting and I think Avengers 2 is going to be a film that the general movie going public will like but also the film buffs, the film geeks and the snobby film critics. I have a really good feeling about this film.
Can someone tell me what he says in the video? I can't play it.
When I saw the video, all I could think of was Budapest. I am a patient woman. It took a while to see Nathan Fillion in a stable show, I can wait for Avengers 2.
Eddy, Joss doesn't say a lot, I'd say Simon pretty much summed it up heh. Basically, Joss says there's gonna be spectacle in Avengers 2, 'cause the fans want it and he loves it too, but that what he's really excited about is the ability to explore the characters more.

I'm very excited but like Davila said, I can wait, I'm patient ;-)
Well, that was predictable and I'm looking forward to this sequel !

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