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March 04 2013

Buyers beware - that's a butchered version of Knights Of Badassdom you're being offered. For all those wondering whatever became of this Dinklage/Glau/Zahn/Kwanten badass-spectacular: a little info.

Sad news :( I hope Lynch manages to get it back, I was really looking forward to this movie.
I saw that over at AICN today too...not sure that this was ever going to be much more than high concept, but seeing Summer in anything is always a treat and I do hate reading about such studio meddling...then again, haven't seen a frame outside the trailer so who knows what was initially handed in.
Yeah. There's two sides to every story, really difficult to know what went down.
I'm not sure how much I buy this. If the production company is doing this in violation of a contract, this won't end well for them either way. A contract is a binding thing and choosing to disregard it comes with damages. And paying someone to reedit the film certainly is a rather drastic step. So along the production company after already having cost overruns wants to spend more money to recut it AND suffer through a breach of contract case?

It doesn't really add up.
So sorry to hear about this. I've heard the original cut was really fun. Hope it can get back on track somehow.

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