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March 05 2013

Much Ado About Nothing to be shown at Istanbul Film Festival. The festival runs from March 30th to April 14th.

Here is an English link, maybe you can change it Simon:

I am so excited for this! I screamed when I saw it on the festival schedule.

Hope Joss could make it here...
Thanks, I swapped the link over.
Maybe this is the time that Willow will run into Oz in Istanbul.
Can anybody figure out a date for the Much Ado screening(s)? I want to update the calendar at Joss is a Hottie but I can't seem to find a date anywhere on there.
The dates aren't up yet.
Thanks, Simon! I'll just keep an eye out, then...
OH, COME ON! Just a little bit higher on the map!!! Although I don't think we even have film festivals here, but whatevs, we'll make one just for you!
Istanbul Film Festival is a very in-demand festival and their website breaks every year. Now we can't access the website. I'll be sharing the screenings once they are available.
That's considerably nearer to my home ;-)
The times seem to be up on the site now.
This is really exciting news, but of course I'm still more caught up with the question of whether or not I'll be able to get tickets to Wisconsin's Film Festival!
I'm surprised there are only three screenings. Well, this is not a big premiere movie for them apperantly. In any case, I am really happy I'll get to see the movie without waiting for a Blu-Ray release or a leak.

I'll be at the April 8th screening, if any Turkish Whedonites would like to meet and chat.

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