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March 05 2013

Joss denies Planet Hulk rumours for future Avengers films. His short statement to IGN shoots down Latino Review's previous report.

I'm really happy about this, I want a Bruce/Hulk film but didn't like the idea of this storyline at all. Plus it made no sense in terms of how the relationships between the characters are in the movie verse.
Your move, El Mayimbe.
Good news imo.
Well I don't mind, as I wasn't enthused by the idea of a planet Hulk film anyway. And I like the comparison with Empire for Avengers 2. As the Avengers did remind me of the feeling I got from watching Star Wars first time around, with the characters coming together and that kind of triumphant big victory at the end. Love the idea of the next one putting the characters through the wringer!
I think this is good news, mostly because you couldn't get an actor of Mark Raffalo's talent to be the CGI Hulk (ie something where he isn't spending most of his time as Bruce Banner, but instead all of his time in a green skin tight suit w/dots... and little to no dialogue). They would have had to recast The Hulk w/a lesser actor, and that would have really changed the dynamic in every way. I have complete confidence in Joss coming up with an awesome script pitting all of the Avengers against each other in ways that show more layers to each character.

And occasionally Hulk will smash.
Hmm. Zack Snyder denied Zod was in Man Of Steel. Marion Cotillard denied she was playing Talia Al Ghul. Marvel tried to shut down El Mayimbe on Guardians....

El Mayimbe is one of the good ones, and he went BIG. I think there's something to it.
Interesting canary on this: Latino Review have always maintained Benedict Cumerbatch is playing Khan. El Mayimbe has never wavered. We'll know if John Harrison is Khan in a few months. Good test of credibility.

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I always trust Joss, but I have to admit that I'm a bit skeptical right now. People in hollywood lie all the time about storylines. Good thing its years away from now and scripts change all the time. But whatever route they go with though, I'm sure it will be thrilling.
it's good to hear Joss can't put the words "planet hulk movie" together and not see the instant suck. (that doesn't preclude Hulk winning Avengers 2 by staging a permanent Hulk xformation, doing a solo Planet movie, then coming back for Avengers 3. They would only need Ruffalo for 2 movies, then. maybe Ang Lee would reprise for Planet Hulk.)

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