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March 05 2013

'Iron Man 3' theatrical trailer. This theatrical trailer reveals the main plot of Iron Man 3 and the toll being Iron Man has taken on Tony Stark.

Just curious (and this is not in a "does this link belong here" way), does Joss get an executive producer credit on this one? Oh and the trailer looks groovy, I suspect this will be much better than the last one.
We have a Hulkbuster armor
@MrArg Just checked IMDB and those signs point to no. It seems likely that IM3 is built on top of the Avengers outline that Marvel gave Joss. Which will make it interesting to see, whether any references to what happened in Avengers in IM3 will be broad strokes or whether they'll have any specificity to them.

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"We need back up." "That's your department." several Iron Man suits show up "There's my boys."

Damn. Can it please be May?

Also, does anyone think RDJ, SLJ and the rest consider themselves Whedon alum now? Or is it just us wacky fans?
Thanks counti8--this probably isn't worth its own front page link but here's a great Q&A with Black and Feige, and our man Joss is indeed mentioned and quoted.

Q: Did Joss come to the set of IRON MAN 3?

Black: No, he was too busy.

Feige: We were in North Carolina, so no he didn't come out there.

Black: He's great, though. Before I started, I talked to him. I said, "Okay, break it to me." He said, "You don't want to hear this."

Q: In terms of the process?

Black: Yeah. "Are you married? No? Good." (Laughter)
@MrArg: Thanks for the link! I quite enjoyed that.

I'm sure they would acknowledge having worked with Joss, but we tend to use Whedon Alums to mean "career largely influenced by Joss." Aly, Fillion, SMG, and Boreanaz all qualify.

RDJ and SLJ (between the two they'd worked with Lucas, Tarantino, Stone, Fincher, Attenborogh, Lee, Spielburg, Scorcese, Shyamalan, etc.) were rock stars in the industry before Joss ever met them and had contracts to play these characters. So they might enjoy being part of the Whedon fanbase, but I wonder if they would be slightly confused by the connotation when Whedon was technically invited to their party, not the other way around. That said, there's no doubt they both would have tremendous respect for him.

If I were to guess though, I'll bet Sam Jackson would get a kick out of being called a Whedon alum. He just strikes me as happy go lucky that way.
Trailer really looks amazing.
I suspect RDJ is a newborn Joss Whedon fan considering how cynical he was about The Avengers going in and how marvelously successful it was, both as a summer flick and as a huge chunk of cash in his pocket. That said, I probably wouldn't look for him to show up on any Whedonverse panels at a convention any time soon.
I am so beyond pumped for Phase II, and this trailer just solidifies my excitement.

Now I'm ready to see this film, and am anxiously awaiting the "Thor: The Dark World" teaser!!!
I bet the first Thor:The Dark World trailer will be attached to Iron Man 3.
I love the Darkness this next phase of the universe will take. BRING ON THE BROODING
I read a rumor that there might be a Thor:TDW trailer by next month but yeah I'm thinking more likely with the opening of IM3.

And that trailer is AWESOME. I'm loving The Mandarin. Iron Patriot armor looks BADASS. And it definitely looks like they've topped IM2.(not that it'd be hard.)
I'm getting more and more excited for this movie. I was nervous because Iron Man 2 wasn't the best, but it looks like they are going in a completely different direction with this one and I'm super looking forward to it.
Damn what panard!! I'll be honest with you, I had a great time Cinéma.D one, Because Shane Black, Two
Risk-taking of the Scenario.

I'll try to critique and without spoiler it will not be easy, but I'm going .Marvel Studio attempted a bet Jock.Un
risky, certainly one of the biggest risk-taking from The Studio Avengers.Why? Because that Iron Man 3 is not a Movies
Superheroes like the others, one could say that several Movies in the Cache ci.and I found it exhilarating.

I will spoile person as I say that the introduction of the movie starts with a flashback that allows enlightened state of mind Stark
but also to find a character that marked the origin of the character he même.Une clever introduction which enables meter
parallel carefree past Stark and problems will fall on him later.
The film Highlights an important thing for personnages.Il is a before and after The Avengers, as he has had a before and after September 11. (A Symptomatic consequence of the mindset of the country!) The Avengers to completely messed Tony, making him an obsessive recluse holed up in his home in Malibu and activating the protection of his family to the point of neglecting what is most important to her.

The scenario is dense and plays heavily on the conflicting relationship between Tony and Pepper, but also came the new characters that marks the film
including Maya (a talented scientist behind a project that could revolutionize the human body.) and Killian a Competitor philanthropist who also has views of Pepper. Without counted Terrorist threat personify the antagonist Mandarin, which is not the business of the U.S. Government.
Force Film is how Tony Stark will dispossess found what made him the iconic superhero.
Forcing the latter to make do with what makes it particularité.Son intelligence.Le film through dialogues tasty and generously épique.avec funny replicas often mouche.C is also part of one of its defects . Sometimes the dialogue is awkward, but it is not a constant.

My biggest fear that summer will reveal trailer is a big part of the plot and fortunately this is not the case leave the film reveals a completely unexpected twist that my shock at the time to finally take the full measure then . Iron Man 3 is also a Buddy Movies not tell her nom.Un movie or actors give themselves and especially Tony and Rodey put on an equal footing in action. A moment where you feel the patina of the director. Really strong as it comes to the Heroes difficultés.Quant in Mandarin and ... Although we just say he plays his "role" and Kingsley offers a completely unexpected performance, not to say anything else!

Iron Man 3 Puise greatly in Extremis The story and we can say that for once the film has gained a true antagonist and an opponent truly hauteur.Découvrir the effects of research Maya is just amazing, I loved it see fights that resulted Cinematographically and it is stunning!
You must voyer the piece of Climax of the film alone is worth the dé The film is full of bravery when that will satisfy all lovers of action that big a fan of Blockbuster uninhibited film.

To return to risk taking Marvel Studio, you should see how Robert Downey Jr is pushed to its limits but also how the film does not look like what we are used to voir.Comme Downey Jr said in an interview Studio Magazine, the character is the personification of what the actor feels personnage.Il for this is the reason for its current success but it also marks a milestone in the life of the actor that he does not know that she be the purpose.
Hence the constant impression of seeing the actor with different part of the armor in some sequences as in some they are completely left to itself.
I just loved what I saw and if you want to see a Marvel movie coming out of the beaten track, do not hesitate. Robert Downey Jr. is Tony Stark, a player who transcended to a terribly endearing character.
And what about Gwyneth Paltrow, just beautiful! to discover urgently I tell you!

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