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March 05 2013

Sam Raimi on Joss Whedon. He elaborates in an interview with Vulture.

Joss Whedon is an extraordinarily talented filmmaker.

Someday we're going to find out that Joss had a hand in every movie from 1988 onward.
So, the director/writer that got me into movies and comics is praising the man who cemented the foundations of me following my dreams. This is amazing. I knew Raimi would like Joss and vice versa :D
We all know how clever he is. Now everyone knows. -Nathan Fillion

Nathan's quote becomes more and more true.
Raimi is an incredible filmmaker and I love that he's being honest when talking about his own movies. He's not afraid to say a movie he made wasn't good and that's something you don't see everyday.

Too bad for Spider-man 4 though, I really was looking forward to this film.

What he thinks of Joss is wonderful. Simply wonderful.
So nice to see the love come full circle.

Nolan and Raimi INVENTED the true superhero flick, yo.

High praise from one darn respectable artist. So very glad I took the time to read this today.

I really enjoyed Avengers, but it's Whedon's original characters I looove. And we've been apart too long, those characters and I.
counti8, thanks for the link, I read it when Joss posted it, but that was like ten months ago, and it was a pleasure to read again!
Sam Raimi is a great director, I really liked what he did with Spider-Man, and I was sorry he couldn't make the fourth film (wasn't convinced by the reboot at all).
I'm glad he could see Joss's genius, and so early on !
Very neat. And looking forward to the new Evil Dead.
This is great, thanks for posting the article!
I recall Joss giving Raimi a shout out when talking about the sillyness of the Spider Man reboot too, definitely nice to see two great talents in a mutual appreciation society. Now if Wally Pfister can eat some crow and apologize for his sour grapes remarks about The Avengers this summer, all will be right with the world.
So I guess Raimi hasn't seen The Amazing Spider-man... and the interviewer decided not to ask him about it.

Sorry, Joss, but The Amazing Spider-man is better than any of the Raimi Spider-man movies (including the incredibly overrated Spider-man 2). A better done origin story, aunt & uncle whose ages make more sense, and most importantly, a much better cast lead actor, infinitely better love interest/main female character, and so, so much better chemistry between those two. In this case, rebooting the franchise was an excellent idea.

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I don't think joss has commented about the actual Spider-Man movie, TimeTravellingBunny.
Raimi has said in another interview that he hasn't watched Amazing Spider-Man.

BTW its inferior in every way to SM2.
Jobo - You made me snort soda up my nose with "Someday we're going to find out that Joss had a hand in every movie from 1988 onward," because I'm pretty sure it's true. Also, don't forget TV. And the fact that approximately 76% of well-known actors have been involved at least one Joss project. I *still* discover new ones every time I re-watch stuff.

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