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March 06 2013

The Avengers gets nominated for four MTV Movie Awards. It got nominated for 'Movie of the Year', 'Best On-Screen Duo', 'Best Fight' and 'Best Villain'. Voting is now open for these nominations though registration is required.

If Twilight is in the same category then it will win.

ETA, ok, I just clicked on the nominations and so far don't even see Twilight. Hell, some of these choices are actually good. Huh.

[ edited by eddy on 2013-03-06 15:39 ]
I really kinda want Avengers to win all of these, just so I can potentially see all of them reunite at this awards show!!!

Plus, Tom Hiddleston was being adorable on twitter tweeting about it, so, Avengers should win!!! :P
It won't let me register to vote, so, oh well!

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