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March 06 2013

(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Willow - Wonderland #5. It's the final part of the mini-series.

I always seem to have trouble following the comics when they get more abstract. It's easy enough when there's just straightforward dialogue and plot driven point A to point B stuff. But when there's long exposition that gets abstract, I kinda get lost. I think moments like that are when the book suffers most from not being on TV. Basically the whole discussion with the "Embodiment" i was kinda like "Whaaaat?" I'll have to go back and re-read it.

Overall, an okay finale to what I thought was a pretty great mini series. I'm anxiously awaiting the continuation in Buffy.
Anyone else having issues with the Darkhorse digital app this morning. It let me purchase the comic but won't let me read it. :(
This issue was surprisingly great. It delivered everything I was looking for in the 4 previous issues.
The ending is meaningful for Willow and for the upcoming Buffy finale.
@IrrationaliTV that ALWAYS happens to me. You just have to keep trying. When that happens to me, I just delete the issue and try redownloading. Once it took me 15 times to get it to work. Good luck.
I found the whole mini pretty lacklustre. There weren't any great character developments I didn't think, it was all just a means to returning magic which was obviously going to be the end results in some form or another. The only reason this seemed to warrant a mini was because they had to make some level of 'fuss' about achieving this development which will now run on in the main title. I'll be glad to get Willow back but I do not think this was a good use of her season long absence, or it at least doesn't feel worthwhile because it was so predictable and pretty dull. In a few issues hopefully Spike will be back too and, fingers crossed, the scope of S10 will start to look better with everyone actually interacting again, hopefully. So far S9 is waiting for hindsight to make it work and that can't be a good thing surely.
I think Willow has been totally defined by magic for too long. This season in Buffy it would have been nice to see something else from her, or see the parallel with both her and Buffy figuring out adult life as regular people in the new world where they're not so special. Did Willow even finish college? What was her major or career goal?

It would have been fine for her to eventually decide to get magic back, but I would've liked more conflict and build up, and not just automatic world-hopping.
I definitely find it interesting that she admits to being selfish in wanting to bring back magic for everyone, but then learned to be selfless and brought it back only in herself. Hmmm. Well it looks like she'll be the only one who would be able to bring Giles back. However, after what happened with Buffy, I doubt she'll be easy to convince.
I thought it was a good issue! Probably the best, actually. It was a nice finale, though it felt like they slowed down too much in the middle of the miniseries, and had to rush a bit in this issue to reach the ending. Still, I liked it a lot. It was definitely better than the Spike miniseries, and it had a lot of development for Willow as a character.
I'm sorry but I thought this mini-series knocked it out of the park, character wise. To see Willow admit such a deep truth about herself (accepting Dark Willow as just her; owning up that her journey to magic addiction started early; that she chose power over her friends) opened up her character so much for me, and it would've played beautifully on TV. Even the use of Rack as the catalyst for this revelation is on point; think of how he pushed her over the edge in his pervy attempt to use her for his own gain and how that is magnified in issue #5. For a character we never thought we'd see again, that's an amazing arc. Willow's reply that she didn't need him to learn to abuse magic was dead on; he was just an excuse for her to let go of her inhibitions and not feel guilty about it (imo). Now she has the wisdom to contain all of magic within herself and share it judiciously (one hopes) with anyone she desires (or that desires it.) I wonder how this will play out? Is Willow now 'The Decider' as to who is worthy of magic or will she allow herself to be 'tapped' by anyone, with good or evil intent, just as the Seed was the source for all who used and mis-used magic. This is an amazing new path and it must tie in with the finale somehow. Willow learned that there's no light or dark magic, just magic. It's intent that counts. Combined with her new acceptance of the good/bad dichotomy within herself can she truly deny any being who wants to get their mojo back? Also, I feel like this sets her up as the perfect counter to Severin, the Siphon. He acts, basically, just like Rack. He wants to take and take only the motives are completely different. Rack wants to 'revel' in power and Severin wants to inflict pain and feeds on revenge for his dead love. Severin is powerful and I can definitely see a Willow/Severin showdown. Not to mention, with Illyria being in the mix you now have a Power Trio that's out of this world (if I'm reading Severin's power level correctly). I wonder if Willow will use her new grip on magic to heal Dawn? So many possibilities, can't wait to see how it all ends!

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Well, I give this miniseries four stars out of five. I'm very interested in seeing where they go from here with Willow's character, now that she is arguably the most powerful being in the world... the only source of new magic, capable of doling it out as she sees fit. She's now well on her way, for better or worse, to becoming the Willow we saw in the Frayverse in ToYL. Still a lot of questions to be answered (hopefully)... like why did Future Willow manipulate Buffy into killing her, and how did Urkonn wind up with the Scythe to give to Melaka.

I could definitely see Willow using her new ability to fix (not heal) Dawn, and to give Severin a big headache in the final showdown. I'm wondering where Simone and Anaheed will fit in to Willow's future, since they were both important enough to be featured in her vision.

The panel where Willow is transformed into a mystical diagram, with her chakras all marked out, reminded me of Alan Moore's "Promethea." I know Joss is a fan of that comic, and IIRC he said the episode "Restless" was partly inspired by it.

As for Rack... we didn't see a corpse, so he's still out there.
Poor Willow what's she going to do now?
In regards to ToYL Willow, I wonder if Willow's new acceptance of her 'bad' self and choosing to embrace all that means puts her on a course to deep depression which creates that version of her in the future? If you use Angel as an analogy, all the broodiness and lack of joy he embodies comes from his centuries of struggling with the darkness within. Now, (spoiler) he's actually crazy due to actions spurred by his everlasting quest for redemption. Is this what happens to Willow in the future? Does she attempt to overcompensate for all the things she did when she was bad only to end up as this pitiful being? It kind of sucks that this is the destiny she has to look forward to...or is it?
I finally have my copy of Willow:Wonderland # 5 of 5.

I'm keeping this short.Overall I liked the isuse and them ini as a whole.I'm still not thrilled Rack's death was retcon although I get the importance for this story and the lesson Willow learned.

As for Willow having her magic restored and being able to share it.I don't think it will stay that easy and I can see how Willow could factor into the end of season 9 for both monthlies even if Willow is only back in Buffy.I think the ramifications with WIllow can impact Angel & Faith especally as the Whistler plot comes to a head.

Again, good mini.

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