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March 06 2013

David Boreanaz talks about his nail polish line. Jennifer Hudson wore his "Hard to Get" polish at the Oscars.

Hahaha.... Why is this so amazing?

I'm now thinking of an episode where Angel Investigations creates a nail polish line to make money.
Ha! That's just brilliant!

Wonder if they can get James Marsters involved and create a special 'Spike' edition of black - I'd buy that even though I never wear the colour!
Yup, Spike was the one who wore nail polish.
Wow. Not only are some of the comments in that article stupid (They never said they made the nail polish for their daughter, so the names of the colors are not "inappropriate") the "About Us" on the brand's site left me scratching my head too.

To paraphrase: "Realizing that the polish they were so carefully applying to their daughters' nails would end up in their mouths through eating, chewing their nails or licking frosting off cupcakes..." Umm....what? Do their children dip their fingers into their food to eat? Do they shove their fingers in their mouths while the polish is still wet? Do they have tongues like a cat's that will abrade the polish? That sentence really makes no sense.

I've worn nail polish for most of my 38 years. I have never gotten polish in my mouth. Even when I've used my teeth to pull a hangnail or trim off a broken nail when I didn't have access to clippers. I've used all sorts of different brands and colors; hell, I even trained as a nail tech! And you wanna talk about chemicals! Unless you like the idea of dripping acid onto your nail bed, don't get acrylics.

But I digress.

Yes, there are far too many chemicals in our lives - nail polish, shampoo, deodorant. Yes, the trend is slowly developing away from that, using natural ingredients when possible (like washing your hair with baking soda & rinsing with apple cider vinegar), or finding safer alternatives in synthetics. And I applaud Jaime & her friend for wanting to develop safer polish. (The article is slightly misleading in that within the first paragraph it claims the polish line is David's, when it was developed by his wife and her best friend, with help and funding from David and the other husband.) I just think the wording could have been a bit better.
True, but no reason why we can't have a bit of fun with the idea in headline.
While I'm not a fan of Boreanaz, I think it's great to see a heterosexual guy do something like this. It's needed, since my first sexist reaction was "OMG how gay". I'm the kind of person who will get furious when people say sexist stuff like that, but my mind still go there before I can help it. So it's nice to see a guy make nail polish.

Weird sexist reaction btw; lots of guys make make up.
I'm all for a toxin-free (or toxin-lite) version of nail polish - and ShadowQuest, just because you can't see particles of polish dissolving in people's mouths doesn't mean it is not happening. They're probably outgassing toxins for days. And heck, mouths are just one of the many places where nails go.
Given that David and Jaime Boreanaz's daughter is still very young (under five, I think), if she is playing with nail polish, she very likely *is* putting her hands in food and then directly into her mouth. There's probably a separate issue here about having kids that young using nail polish, but if they're going to, then it definitely should be mouth-safe.
I hope he convinces his wife and her friend to make Phillies red and Flyers orange. Cause he could so sell that in these parts. And get the licensing for it too of course.

I love this story and will ignore the trolls.
And Lorne Green.
hann23 I certainly hope you weren't calling me a troll. As I said, I think it's a great idea to make "safer" nail polish, regardless of who came up with the idea.

However, I'm a bit...taken aback by the whole "I put polish on my kids' nails and they're going to die from eating it" line of reasoning. I'd love to see the research that shows how much toxins cc: will/bueche are given off by nail polish and how much needs to accumulate in your bloodstream before it gets to be a health risk. I'm no doctor, but I think it'd have to be a pretty significant amount (i.e. the equivalent of three bottles, say) for it to do any harm.

I could be wrong. As I said, I'd love to see the research. However, as with all claims (Like the lady who went nuts in a fast food place because she claimed "Pepsi uses fetuses in their soda!") there are two sides, and a person who is concerned should do their own research, not just Google "nail polish toxins" and freak out because the article title or summary says "Nail polishes have deadly toxins!!!"

For instance, here is part of a report on the Web MD site:

The Nail Manufacturers Council doesn't approve of inaccurate labels, Masterson tells WebMD.

In a statement, the council said that ''none of the levels described in the DTSC report present a significant health or safety risk."

The levels of toluene and DBP found in the products are generally at levels considered safe by the FDA and the Expert Panel of the Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR), according to the statement.

And the paragraph immediately following that one:

"The bottom-line finding is we can't trust the labels on some of these nail salon products that are claiming to be free of these toxic chemicals," says Rebecca Sutton, PhD, senior scientist at the Environmental Working Group. She reviewed the report.

"These chemicals have well-established health concerns," she says. "Obviously, there is greater danger for workers, who are exposed so much longer, day in and day out."

However, "this is not a minor concern for consumers," she says. Other products, such as cleaning supplies, also contain the chemicals, she says. Exposure can accumulate.

So right there you've got one group telling you "The amounts of toxins in polish is insignificant" and another telling you "It's gonna kill you in the long run."

My problem with the blurb on the website for the polish created by David's wife & her friend is that it reads as if they were poisoning their girls by putting polish on their nails. I certainly was not posting "inflammatory, extraneous or off-topic" with "the primary intent to provoke...emotional responses." I was simply expressing my opinion on the way things were phrased on the website.

The color on Jennifer's nails certainly is pretty; pale metallic blue is not an easy color to pull off.

I think Spike's color would be Bloody Red, and Angel's Brooding Black. Buffy's would be Bite Me! Pink or possibly Back-off Blue. The obvious choice for Dawn would be Mystic Green. Willow's would be Wicca Brown (since she's "all about root systems and Gaia") and Cordelia's would be...Platinum Express. Or Gold Card.
Oops @shadowquest, apologies. I understand. In other fandoms, there's been seemingly alot of trolling and meanness and it was a poor choice of words. But the word was there and fell into my comment. I am sorry.

You make a good point.

And I edited to clarify.

[ edited by hann23 on 2013-03-07 00:15 ]
I love the colors although I think $10 is a bit pricey. It's great that it's safe for kids but I'd want to know if it chips easily or how long it lasts etc. Good idea though.
Hat tip to will.bueche
Vampire blood Red
ShadowQuest: Tara would probably be partial to Clear since she was raised to be humble *grin.

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