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March 06 2013

'Buffy's' Anthony Head to co-star in CW's 'The Selection'. He'll play King Clarkson in the network's retooled "Hunger Games"-esque pilot. Dollhouse and Angel writers Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain will pen and executive produce the pilot.

I really liked this script and pilot last year and this year's revised script is even better. Can't wait to see if Fain and Craft can make it work this time.
Do you work in TV, IrrationaliTV?
How many Kings can he play?
The new Pilot is really good. Im pretty sure itll go to series!
Sounds like another rigid father figure, hopefully not one as clueless as Uther on Merlin. Looking forward to seeing ASH back on my TV!
Simon Well, considering Uther's no longer among the living (Or so I've heard - I really need to catch up on Hulu) I'd say...just one at a time. Although this almost sounds like the same kind of role - powerful king telling his son how to live his life.

I'm all for more Tony on TV, especially on a channel I can get, but I'm not gonna get excited until I see previews for it and have watched the pilot. Then I'll be on pins and needles every week hoping it makes it a full season and comes back the next year.

'cause I was all excited for the American version of "Free Agents" and NBC pretty much killed that right out of the gate. And before that was the delicious "Him & Us" that had a pilot that never even made it to ABC. Too bad, too, because he was fabulous in that role (Although the climbing on the piano made me cringe. Boots! On a piano!), he got to sing original songs (written by Sir Elton John) and the other characters had intriguing stories.

Oh, and can I just say "loveable brains" is my new favorite expression!
J Linc, I do. It's a long story about following one's passion and Firefly. :)
I approve.
Dislike this type of subject matter ergo less than interested.
Seems great. I will watch this just for him.
I liked the idea more when I thought the young ladies were competing to be queen. Finding out they're competing for the prince's hand, I find I've become less interested as it seems a little to Bachelor for me. However, given the writers, Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain, I have confidence that the female characters should be realistically portrayed. Now with the casting of Anthony Head, I will give it a shot if the pilot gets picked up.
It is "Royal Bachelor in the world of Hunger Games." Lots going on behind the scenes of the "reality show" part of it though similar to Hunger Games.
I read the 1st book last year when Aimee Teegarden was in the lead role for the pilot, it was ok, nothing great. Pretty much The Bachelor Meets Half Hearted Hunger Games. Supposedly they are beefing this version up so it's more Hunger Games less Bachelorish. Though I agree with MacGuffin it would be more interesting if they were competing in a reality show to be Queen not eventual Queen consort. I'd say there is a much better chance of it being picked up this time.

It sounds like Tony will be in a Uther type role again, which isn't necessarily bad, but can be limiting.
Definitely sounds Hunger Games-y. Intrigued by the concept as well as those involved behind the scenes. I'll watch if it goes to series!
Anything with ASH has potential. I'll check it out.
Now, if they were competing for the father...

The premise bothers me, unless there were something subversive about trying to catch the guy - like to take over the country herself in a misogynistic land or something.
Being typecast as King is marginally better than typecast as librarian?
There's more to it than a couple sentence log line, people. These are good writers who used to work on Angel and Dollhouse.
If he's in it I'll watch, loved him in everything I've seen him in and loved him as Uther so if he plays that kind of character again, don't care because he's fabulous to watch!!

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