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March 07 2013

Clark Gregg and Sean Maher talk about 'Much Ado About Nothing'. By all accounts, the movie trailer should be online later on today and a new image from the movie can be found here.

Normally I prefer interviews with meatier questions that dig into character motivations and such, but this was actually a really nice feature; Clark and Sean seemed comfortable, and the interviewer backed off and let their interaction drive the process.
This was great news to wake up to! I'll be anxiously awaiting the trailer release.
I also learned from twitter that the cast are taking a tour bus to Austin. That sounds like the best road trip ever!
Is Amy hiding from the others?

I wish BOM would update their listings to include MAAN's release date in the U.S.
Oh that is a brilliant interview! I love hearing about how they got 'hired' and what it was like at Joss' house during the filming. Also it is hilarious that Joss avoids game night!
Eddy, I believe that's the scene from Much Ado where Beatrice is eavesdropping on her friends and finding out that Benedick loves her (this is planned by her friends FYI). There's a similar picture with Alexis/Benedick climbing a balcony to listen to his friends talk about how Amy/Beatrice loves him.
I've been enjoying seeing and reading everything about how this movie got made. It's so delightful to hear about. Maybe we'll get more discussion about the actual interpretations after the film's been seen by more people.

And now I find myself looking forward to the trailer of Much Ado About Nothing more than I look forward to most movies.
I've never seen the play. Thanks Ciella.
I love seeing Sean Maher in interviews! He always has really great tangents yet manages to get back around to the point. I look forward to seeing him play a "villain" because I think he can actually do a really great job with a role like that but has never been given the opportunity.

Bluelark, I'm right there with you on the trailer! In fairness though, most movies aren't likely to be as good as just the trailer for this picture.
Those two are so cute. Personally, I would have laid off the booze if I were worried about learning lines for the next scene I was in, after completing the last scene. On the other hand, I've read that alcohol helps lower your inhibitions (well, for some people) so possibly the worrying was not quite as bad as they remember it to be ... and I'm only writing all this because the thought of the actors making a beeline for a big ole martini to take the edge off amuses me. :=)
Fun little interview! Trailer will be coming at 6pm GMT, if anyone's wondering :D

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