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March 07 2013

Nathan Fillion to appear at Dallas Comic-con! The convention will be May 17-19 at the Irving Convention Center. Nathan is appearing alongside some other excellent guests, including Richard Dean Anderson, William Shatner, and John Noble.

And for the first time in ever, I don't have a scheduling conflict. I think there is a road trip in my future.
Can someone please explain to me why I move and everyone I'd like to see decides to start going to Dallas?
I am right there with you, azzers. I just moved from Dallas to Seattle.
Huh. Nathan Fillion and the funniest man in sci fi ever at one convention? And William Shatner? Dear Texas, you might just collapse from all the heavy weights in one spot! (I am mean of the metaphorical kind of heaviness, not body weight wise.)
The two greatest Canadian space captains (not including Chris Hatfield.)
Two space captains, a General, and a scientist walk into a bar...

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