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March 07 2013

Watch the 'Much Ado About Nothing' trailer. Yahoo! Movies has the exclusive. ETA: Watch it on YouTube here and on the official movie website. Oh and Joss just posted a comment in this very thread.

Very sexy. I can't wait to see this! All those readings in his house over the years...Joss and Shakespeare IS a match made in heaven.
Well then. More than excited for this , Joss and Shakespeare.
It's weird seeing colour with it.

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Great trailer for pitching to Bardphobes that Shakespeare is not incomprehensible, I think.
This looks absolutely brilliant! I cannot wait to see this.
As expected, looks freakin' terrific. Can't wait.
Looks AMAZING. I can't wait! ... except I have to. Sigh some more ladies, sigh some more ....
Wow, all that frenetic sexual energy just bursts off the screen, I cannot wait to see this!
I knew it was gonna be good, but now I am *psyched*, to say the least.

I hate to just be an echo, but all I got is: it looks freakin' *amazing*, and I'm looking forward to this.

If I knew a Bardphobe, I would take them, but I know none. That I know of.

It *is* weird seeing color in the trailer, but I think they handled it well. Plus: *loved* the music.
I'm a Bardphobe (new word!), and I enjoyed the movie. So you can too! #lifelesson.

Love the trailer. Really wish Yahoo! streamed trailers in HD, as on a TV it looks like.. the internet.
I love Shakespeare, I love Joss Whedon, I love everyone in this cast. Call me crazy, I but I think I'm going to love this movie.
CAN'T WAIT! Amazing
It looks stunning! Joss, Shakespeare, those actors...I can barely wrap my head around how amazing this will be!

And if this will introduce Shakespeare to some wary people, maybe it will introduce Joss to a whole new kind of audience too.
Marvelous. Very modern and alluring.
My kingdom for a time machine so I can see this movie NOW!
Well, I don't normally add my voice to the choir of praise with things like this *but* I have to say that was an exhilarating trailer!! I watched it twice in a row. I mean, my god, this looks magnificent and feels like the kind of films I want to see Joss making: creative and different but somehow classic and epically character driven. Plus, the passion Joss has for Shakespeare appears to be showing through, which is exactly what one would hope for. While at the same time being unique to him and his cast. CANNOT WAIT!
Wonderful in every sense of the word.
What they said. ;) SO EXCITED.
I watched it twice too, just to make sure it was real. It has a wonderful, fresh, sexy, energy to it - perfect for introducing Shakespeare to a wider audience! I need June to be here now!!
Related: per gossi, Joss hath tweeth'd.
Nice trailer. The release in June is going to be fun.
Wow, what a frenetic trailer. I was not expecting that. Now this is how you get people to go and see Shakespeare at the cinema.
A bunch of the Shakesperians and medievalists in my grad program were just squeeing over this, so I'm going to take that as a good sign. :)
I am so excited for this movie, I can barely form words!
It's weird seeing colour with it.

Exactly what I was thinking.
That was such a brilliant trailer. Far sharper and snappier than I expected. Plus the music was fantastic.
Oh man, this was more exciting than any action movie trailer I've ever seen! That trailer felt more like assembling the Avengers than actual Avengers did! A(Almost) all of my favorites from all the Joss-shows in one place!

Btw, trailer music: St. Germain - Rose Rouge (don't know which mix though, as there are quite a few)
This made my day! It's amazing!!! I have no words, it made me so happy! :)
One of my first thoughts was... Fred/Wes fanvideo makers everywhere I rubbing their hands together maniacally for a torrent of this movie.

But my other thoughts were "holy crap, this looks like a very sharp and really worthwhile adaptation". I will certainly be more inclined to see this than, say, the new "Gatsby".

And an additional thought was "there will be a sort of seething resentment building despite and around the excitement over SHIELD and "Avengers" sequels with Joss basically being Marvel's kept man for a few years".
I was already excited, this just made my heart skip a best. I can't WAIT to see this!!! *whips out Much Ado About Nothing and begins to read it*
This is probably the happiest I have ever been at watching a trailer. CANNOT. WAIT.
I want a T-shirt, and a poster... Where is the promotional swag?! LOL
I've added a link to a YouTube version.
Oh man this looks just awesome! Not that I had any doubt though. Now please release it in Sweden, please please please
'[F]or we are the only love gods.'


And thanks D-e-f- for the information about the music, which fit beautifully.
12 days. At the man's house. With some of his closest friends.

There are no words. What's the next level up from "genius"?

Joss Whedon - super genius.

I have to send this to everyone I know right now.
Holy cow. Holy Joss Beans. And Oh my. Oh. My. Goodness. It's just beautiful! I don't mind the wait because this will be over way too soon.
Oh My God! Or, the acronym of Oh My God! It looks so good! Let's all go see all the parts that weren't in the trailer when they come out in the movie! And show our friends! And destroy our enemies! And burn their villages, except for their multiplexes, where we will watch the movie parts once more!

Okay. I'm okay. Got a little excited there. Sorry. Let's not burn stuff. It's just that it's a big day for me. The trailer is up. I tweeted a tweet (more on that). But most of all, tonight we ride. We ride to Austin.

We ride the Arty Bus.

Me and a bunch of cast members are taking the scenic route to the SXSW fest. 24 hours on the road, from L.A. to Austin. The bus sleeps twelve (as if we'll sleep). It can be easily distinguished by the words MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING on the outside. We will trundle into it full of hope, comradery and excitement, and emerge a day later glassy-eyed with guilt and terror, and missing one cast-member.

On the way we'll laugh, sing old songs, resort to cannibalism WAY too early, and abuse social media. Yes, I will be tweeting. It'll be @MuchAdoFilm, since I'm still too lazy/confused to get my own account, but it won't just be me trying to drum up business for the film (In theaters this June!) -- I promise at least a couple of appalling pix of Fran and Ashley resorting to cannibalism (#waytooearly).

The route should take us through Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Actual Mexico, Florida... Um, Pennsylvlorida, the Middle ages, the Mist, the Mason-Dixon line, The Donner Pass (Fran and Ashley SWEAR it's on the way, for some reason), The Place Where We Buried The Thing, and maybe your town too! If you see us, wave! Or honk! Or bleat! We 're excited to be joining SXSW the way the pioneers of old attended film festivals. And we're excited to show the movie to a new audience. Those of us that make it. Hope I'm one!

Wish us luck, enjoy the trailer, and get ready for 140 characters of PURE ADRENALINE. I'll see you in Hell. (I might not. There's a lot of people there. Maybe text me and let me know where you're damned, and I can try to get there.) Kiss Noise!

Joss "Shut up, it's art if it's in black and white" Whedon.
Waves. Your movie is amazing.
If you do pass through the Mist, tell Nathan Fillion - Don't be a hero.
Everyone going to SXSW needs to see this movie. It's so worth it. And so they can tell us who actually makes it out of the bus. (Run, Joss, run!)
Can you come to Ohio? I will pay you in hugs? ;)
Hello there, Mr. Whedon. My tablet battery is about to die and I'm supposed to be paying attention at a conference for work but before I do that I want to tell you that words can't convey how happy I am about this film, how beautiful the trailer looks, and how I almost regret that rehearsing Pirates of Penzance is keeping me from sxsw. I love it, even though I won't see it until June. Thanks for dropping by, dear. It means a thing.
So. Much. Excitement.

All my favourite people in one movie, directed by another of my favourite people....I'm going to go out on a limb, here, and say that I am going to LOVE this movie.

(But really, Nathan Fillion on the big screen? How could I not!)
Hoping you find your way to Germany.... or London again cuz that's where I'm moving to in about 23 days to go to Film School. And you know Joss, it's all your fault that I'll go to Film School now. It all started with you. You were my inspiration. So thanks. Can't wait to watch Much ado about nothing!
Was already excited, and then purple. Hello from the GFF!
So excited!!! I was really bummed that I couldn't (and can't) go to any film festival to see this. I loved everything in the trailer, and I'm already in love with the movie. I can't wait to see it.
It's kinda odd to be watching the trailer for the first time having already seen the film! In a really good way :D
I'm so excited about this. So sad I can't make it to SXSW. But I will definitely go see it as soon as I can.
I don't read Shakespeare so I was surprised how sexy the trailer was. It looks beautifully directed and the old English dialogue didn't turn me off. They have my ticket.

Oh and hi Joss.
the smile i have on my face from these past couple of hours since the trailer went live is starting to creep my family out!
I N E E D to find somewhere in Denmark where this is shown!
I cannot WAIT!! I'm going down to the Vimeo to get in line early, and my friend Craig gets to interview you all on the red carpet! SWEEEET! And you'll be tweeting! And... AUSTIN!! SO excited to see Much Ado, finally! I may run out of exclamation points!!
Hello Joss, can't wait to see your new movie and keep making awesome stuff, alright?

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Joss, please bring your bus and crew to Rhode Island, or anywhere in New England! The weather is lovely here.
(No, NO! Don't check The Weather Channel . . . they are lying!)

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Dammit! I need to see this in April! Even if I have to drive all the way to Madison by myself and scare the living crap out of my friend by showing up at her house unannounced a day early and bodily hauling her to the theater.

Which...since I barely know how to get to her house and have NO clue how to get to where it's playing...

Joss, sir, is that the Special Level of Hell for people who talk in the theater? 'cause...I'll be there with bells on! (Not Belson. Or Quirk, for that matter. Maybe Hawk.) It's gonna be too hard to not be SQUEEEEEEEing the whole time! "Joss made this! In 12 days! 'cause he's made of AWESOME! Plus he's got really good friends and a very understanding wife and he's some kind of genius but not the scary kind."
It's ridiculous how much I love this guy! Looking forward to see the movie on April 8th. Hope you'd come to Turkey for a screening too.
My flailing should not be mistaken for a medical condition. I'm just excited.
Wish I still lived in Austin.

Thanks for posting, Joss. Can't wait to see the film.
What Simon said. Loved it! Soooo Highly recommended! Because, (as anyone who has even just known the play from reading it, let alone seen the film could tell you,) there's a lot going on between the brief taste of scenes that you get here. It's certainly not 'just' a comedy. (Not that it'd be any less enjoyable if it was..) There's drama, danger and heartbreak a plenty!

But the humour is every bit as brilliant as you'd expect from Joss. (There's some amazing physical comedy in this film. Especially from one particular scene with Alexis that you can only see a split second of in this trailer..)

And just wait until you see Alexis do his soliloquies! Felt out of breath just watching him..LOL! The man is on fire in this film. And Amy is just beyond words.. :)
The trailer is broken. For some reason it's not letting me watch the actual film right after.
Strange, I managed to see the movie ok before the trailer started.
Bravo for the use of St Germain music in the trailer. Old school but good school.
[REDACTED], Simon. ;)
Joss! Please, please, one of you must post awesome photos of this awesome trip while you all are on the road having awesome fun!

Can't wait to see the movie; very anxiously awaiting its arrival in Philly...
SQUEEEEEEE! and the purple! extra super SQUEEEEEEEEEEE! Made my month. June 7th can't come soon enough!
BTW, the trailer links to, which still has the old content, not, which has the new. Someone might want to see to that?

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The trailer is broken. For some reason it's not letting me watch the actual film right after.

I've had that same glitch after the "Man of Steel" trailer, too. And in the theatre after "The Hobbit".

Joss, your movie looks pretty boss. I never have really been all that into his (Shakespeare's not yours comedies, but this is an opening weekend appointment.
I tweeted to the @MuchAdoFilm site when I heard Joss is a "part-owner" of it. I've also spread the word about the movie, and how it should be readily available, like later tonight. But Istanbul, not Constantinople, said dibs for its film festival. So, we'll wait, and we'll be there when June rolls around.
(edited because I forgot to spell Istanbul correctly)

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Beautiful, sexy, energetic. I need to see the whole film right now. Did I mention sexy?
Someone else made a Great Gatsby reference, and for some reason, I kept thinking of that (the book, not the movie) when I saw the trailer. But it may have also been the jazzy trailer music.

If you didn't see the full movie after the trailer, I believe it unlocks after you view the trailer 7000 times (I had a script to simulate all that).

Only three more months until I get to see this in theaters...
Just - thank you Joss.
I want to listen to the music from the film to tide me over before I see it again in June. I keep waving money in front of my computer shouting "Much Ado soundtrack!", but nothing happens. iTunes glitch?
A film that almost seems like he made it for his loyal fans... I CAN'T TAKE seeing all of the Whedon alums in one film. CAN'T WAIT! :D

Shakespeare + Joss= PERFECT.
What a fabulous way to wake up! Looks like a lot of fun, and what a cast! I've been hoping hoping hoping it gets picked up for the Melbourne Int. Film Festival, otherwise I fear I'll be waiting a while. Can't wait.

Oh and hi Mr Joss*waves*
Hey Joss, please go write some Buffy comics! Thanks :) I will watch this movie as soon as it comes out, but you are missed in the Buffyworld.
Oh gads, I bow down to your munificent self, oh Obi-Wan-of-the- Shakespeare Whedon. This project is what I would like to call the most star-blessed, Buddha good-karma blend of your artistic sensibilities and that guy named Will's plays. I would say, "Do every frakking play in the canon, please with sugar on top" if it weren't for the fact Avengers was so damn good, with more to follow. Thank you for the gift of Shakespeare filtered through you. As I said to you on Twitter, "We'll be on life support until the US wide release in June". Hurry, 'cause I think my liver is going... :=)
Ooo, now I have something to look forward to in June.

Edit: wait.. the movie is in black and white? I saw it (and it was fantastic, FYI) and I'm recalling color. Am I just filling in color in my head? That's so weird.

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I'll clean the bus while you're here if you get me into the screening.
I saw Much Ado in Toronto and loved it -- my girlfriend, a huge Shakespeare buff, loved it even more. It was a great time. I am excited that others are gonna get a chance to see it soon. :D
Saw trailer. Enjoyed trailer. Want movie. In Sweden. Want movie in Sweden.
Shakespearean Road Trip Tweets to SXSW. I am so pleased!

Great trailer and love what I heard of the soundtrack.
NYPinTA, the whole movie is black and white (I think). I kinda dig that you didn't notice.

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Perfect trailer is perfect.

I love that song and wish I heard it more places.

Amy's face acting is just killing me.

Josssir you rock, have a fun bus trip, and pictures! Please!

Oh and, I take it by the people saying they're surprised by the color in the trailer, that those splashes of colors aren't in the film, just the trailer? I hope they're in the film, I like B&W alright, but I LOVE B&W with random splashes of color.

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I would happily pay money to see a movie about that bus trip. Meanwhile, there IS a ready audience here in Australia - saw that when Joss filled the Sydney Opera House and he didn't even have to sing.
Never thought I'd get to type this: The Whedonverse bus.
I am so full of giddy I don't know what to do with myself.

I hope the Arty Bus detours a bit so you can stop at a Bucee's.
THAT is a great frakkin' trailer! Like everybody else, I'm more excited than ever. And that bus will definitely be rolling into my town as I live in the land of SXSW. But alas, I can't attend as (If I understand the website correctly) the minimum ticket type to see it costs $650.00.
I really really really want this to be screened in Australia! It looks fabulous! Congratulations Joss & Co, it's gorgeous. :D
It's not a Whedonverse bus until and unless Arielle tells us all to get on it without telling us where she's taking us, and we do. #B3
Cool looking bus. The Rolling Whedon Revue looks to be traveling in a bit of style.
I never thought I'd actually WANT to be back on a bus again in my lifetime, but this is one magical adventure I'd kill to get in on!...well, maybe not eat people though...
I travelled on a bus with a band touring the Benelux last year. It was everything you fear. Blocked toilet and all. Good luck, Joss and co.
As far as I know, international sales (outside US and UK) are available via Kaleidoscope Film Distribution - so if you want to pressure/ask politely whoever released Cabin in the Woods in Australia to look at Much Ado it might work.
Well, I went home for lunch and begged husband to play the trailer (entirely for HIS benefit because as you know I had already seen it) and he wasn't pulling it up fast enough for me and he had to yell "Down, girl!" Yeah. 8-)
I hope it never gets old, hearing how brilliant you are, Mr. Whedon. And I don't think it will wear too badly, over time, to hear how happy you make us. Happy happy happy.
This movie is my favorite thing that has ever happened. Thank you, Joss!!!
Yay! P.S., does anyone know what makes the squelchy sound at the end?

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A road trip with Joss? Two of my favorite things in the whole 'verse? Count me in! =)
Oh b!X that seriously needs to be saved for posterity. Future generations have to be able to not only see, but hear, these artists on the Arty bus!
It's late, I've had an awful night of personal tragedy, so I'm not going to read through everyone's comments, but I'm sure many of you are rewinding to the part at the beginning just for the look on Amy Acker's face as she fiddles with her hair. Or when she stumbles at Alexis' lack of stubble.
Chicago is on the way from LA to Austin, right?

*sobs quietly in a corner*

(Also, loved the trailer.)
I love that Joss still finds time to post here.

I hate that I live in Austin and can't go see this. Maybe one year I will have several hundred dollars to spare for a film festival, but not this year. :-/
I may finally have to get Twitter...

Can't wait to see the movie (when it gets to Vancouver)!

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I saw the movie in Glasgow last month. I enjoyed it so much, it's absolutely brilliant. I can't wait for everyone else to see it. I also got to meet Joss briefly and thank him. The trailer's great.
I seriously missed Sarah Michelle Gellar in this film.
Trailer is, of course, perfect. Amy Acker deserves to be a mega-star. Except, she might not like that. So she deserves to be the kind of star that gets to play whatever she wants when she wants it.
No word can express all of my excitement! Blerg! Joss, thanks so much!
Cursed Pacific Northwest, Y U NO on the way to SXSW.
I was wondering who they were going to eat.
Well they stopped last night at the In & Out Burger, and this morning at iHop, but I guess it was necessary to have an cannibalistic snack in between (don't these people eat any fruits and veggies?!).
Shiny. You made a movie. I can't wait to see it.
Break a leg, kids!
Should the S.H.I.E.L.D. cast be worried about Joss's sudden-yet-extreme fixation on cannibalism? Waves at Joss Da Boss. #BlackAndWhiteIsTotzArt

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