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March 07 2013

Joss tweets. On Twitter. As @MuchAdoFilm. He's tweeting as Nathan Fillion, Tom Lenk, Sean Maher, Fran Kranz, Clark Gregg, Riki Lindhome, Amy Acker and more head to SXSW via a bus and truck tour. Edit - joss posts about it here.

It's the computer age. Nerds are in.
This is a historic moment. For a very, very small group of people, but still.

(though I guess he was probably behind some Dr. H tweets back in the day, huh?)
As far as I know, he tweeted exactly once from the Dr. Horrible account, in 20089.

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Following so very much.

In case he tweets a third time.
I hope Much Ado About Nothing does well at the box office. I think there's a higher chance of success now that Joss Whedon has become famous due to the success of The Avengers. Wouldn't it be great and a shock if the movie made $25 million its 1st weekend?
I think it's probably impossible for it to make $25 million in its first weekend due to the number of prints BuffyFirefly. But that's fine - this isn't a summer blockbuster and it didn't cost 343029 bajillion uncountable dollars either. (Not that there's anything wrong with summer blockbusters) (Unless they're Matrix sequels).
Hey, I liked some parts of the Matrix sequels!
There is no way this film makes more than 10 million its first wide weekend. It won't even do a million in its first weekend of limited release. But like Gossi said, the film cost peanuts to make so a million might be a profit.
I am so happy for that wonderful group of people!!!

I will advertise this film to as MANY people as possible! Haha.

Whedonites Assemble!
So excited for Much Ado.
Much Ado may only be in a handful (literally, like 5) theaters when it opens June 7th, so obviously we can only hope that its 'per screen' amount is sufficient for it to stay in those theaters and spread to more (we can help by requesting it at our local Art or Independent theaters!). The movie cost less than 'Doctor Horrible' to make, so it doesn't need to make huge amounts of money to be successful, it only needs to get glowing reviews!
I'd be surprised if this movie makes more than $15 million total. It's a black & white Shakespeare movie set in modern times with no marketable star attached (I don't think Nathan Fillion is going to be the selling point, folks). Even if the movie is really good (and I'm not saying it won't be), it still has limited-market appeal. It would have to do phenomenal business to break out of the art house movie circuit.
I am attempting to Storify all the media being posted from the bus.

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I'm just trying to figure out all the twitter handles of everyone on the bus: AshleyTheJohnson is @TheVulcanSalute and she tweets that the ride is getting boring.
It took me like five minutes to find her account, get the vine, and post it here, and then Joss beat me to it by retweeting her (#personal fail).

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Dunno why, but the pictures of the black Much Ado bus make me think "Something Wicked This Way Comes".

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The micro-studio is micro-blogging! #Joss
The One True b!X The storify is wonderfully awesome, thank you! (But FYI, it links to the inaccessible edit page, easily fixed by deleting the "edit" from the address).
I am ridiculously excited for this movie. And Joss cautiously wading into the social media clustermess makes me grin. Let's get him more involved! Does he know about MySpace? It's rad!
You should also follow Brian @BJMcElhaney and Nick @NickKocher. They're posting a lot Vine videos from the bus.
How will I be able to go to bed and sleep tonight knowing that Joss & friends are going crazy on a bus all night?!
Thanks for the Storify, b!X.

Fran in an early photo looks like he kept his CiTW bong. Very funny stuff.
D'oh, thanks gus. I just made the same error on Twitter. Fixed here.
These people look like they're having so much fun. To be a fly on the wall ...
I want to be on that bus!
Yeah, celebs can still use aliases and nicknames on Twitter; us ordinary consumers have to use our names since sometime last year!
Is it only going to be on limited release? I bet if we knew which cities were getting it, or could start self-reporting the theaters in our area that were playing it, fans could organize a little and make an effort to see the movie in a nearby town. If it's 5 cities, then I don't think it'll make much money at all. If it's expanded to even 10 cities, we could make more of an organized effort to get the word out.

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