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March 07 2013

'Much Ado About Nothing' looks like a pretty fun party at Joss Whedon's place. A blurb about "About" from the Atlantic Wire. More of a blurblit, really, with some warm fuzzy shout outs to drama club and us. Go us!

Hopefully just the first in a small avalanche of nice little blurblits. Cheers. :^)
Thanks for posting! I could now Wikify the IndieWire review without spoiling myself too much.
One should never admit to worrying about spoilers for 'Much Ado About Nothing', because that suggests that you are not sufficiently familiar with Shakespeare (#maintaining our illusion image as an educated fandom).
embers-- So you're saying if one hasn't read the play and chose not to in order to be completely unspoiled going into Joss's film, one shouldn't admit to that? Good to know. Not that...I...would be...such a person. Just for my information. You know. ;)
There are some scenes that you really wouldn't want to be spoiled for.
There's a guy, and a girl, and they don't like each other, but everyone tries to get them together. There's another guy and a different girl, and everyone tries to keep them apart.

Am I close?
ShadowQuest, well, sortof. ;-) And I agree with Simon - it is worth staying unspoiled for this even if you know the play.

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