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March 08 2013

'The Cabin in the Woods' ads deemed to be too scary for some Tokyo commuters. Even the tone downed ads are a bit creepy. The movie opens in Japan this Saturday.

I love that Japan, a country that produces some of the most twisted and horrifying films ever made, thinks Cabin's ads are too scary. +1 Cabin Marketing Team!!! I have to admit though, I'd be a little creeped out too if someone was screaming and pounding on glass while I wait for a or not. Very clever idea for an ad!
I want these ad images as posters. Right now.
The Japanese trailer shows most of the plot without spoiling it - at least that's the impression you get without understanding the Japanese voice-over. Also, I love that they've included the frog!
I love that Japan, a country that produces some of the most twisted and horrifying films ever made, thinks Cabin's ads are too scary.

Really, a few horror films not for the faint-hearted I like very much were made in Japan. Of course, Cabin has a light-hearted side (which you can't tell from the train station live ads) that the films I like (the original Ju-on: The Grudge, Audition and Cure) do not.
Sugoi subarashii desu yo!

... and seriously creepy, ne?
SuperScuba and Tonya J, I also find it pretty funny. I wonder whether Tokyo lets those movie studios advertise those movies in the subway, though. I wouldn't want to see those ads either. The movie poster is fine, but digital ads of someone screaming and pounding at the glass is just unnerving when you're waiting on a train.
I wonder how they will take the Japanese horror sequences of the movie? I hope it was accurate and done up to their standards.
The japanese trailer does show a lot but it's pretty cool.
I don't know about the ads. They seems to play on the slasher movies a little too much.
I'm struggling with the idea "Cabin" found an audience that identifies it as particularly scary. I'm not even sure I've heard any of its real fans articulate that they love it because it's so scary. It is... mild salsa. It's wins are all on the editorial side, playing with horror tropes, and such, the winning chemistry of its dual ensembles. But scary? Especially in Japan? Goodness gracious... which, for that matter, since it made me think of "Dollhouse", there were one or two episodes of that that I think were scarier than "Cabin". Did they air/advertise "Dollhouse" in Japan?
Well I know a number of people who didn't like CitW because it was too scary, so I do think that scary is in the eye of the beholder. For me (and I don't like horror movies) the horror tropes/deconstruction of the genre kept me from finding it scary (along with the humor). But just because I wasn't scared doesn't alter the experiences of other people. Probably Japan has certain standards for mass transit/public transportation (where there will be young children and timid elderly people) which they just stick to across the board.
I did hear about parents taking their kids (around the ages of 8 to 11) to see the movie, those children were genuinely scared and tearful and didn't enjoy it one bit.
Huh, that Japanese trailer was a little weird in how straight they seemed to play it, unless some of their humor isn't as variety show broad.

Like I wasn't sure if that "come on baby we're all alone" was a beat that was meant to be funny or ominous? (I can't remember if the original movie was that on the nose?) I mean they did cut from a guy on a motorbike to a frog leaping in vaguely the same direction which was a funny/weird touch.
@Simon: that totally makes sense re: kids not enjoying it. Having the context to be able to turn the horror into comedy is part of the enjoyment. Having to take it completely at face value would result in no narrative closure that makes sense.

Kind of like my 8 year old experience of Pee Wee's Big Adventure, possibly.
SuperScuba I'm adding a +1 as well to the Cabin Marketing Team box for Creativity, but also a tick in the box, Way Too Scarey.

I remember the Tokyo Underground as a very clean, orderly system, calmer than most (yes, they push passengers on during rush hour, that's because most native Japanese are too polite to do it without somebody shoving them from behind - wearing white gloves) which is safe enough for kiddies to travel alone, so yes, the ads could be the victim of their own successful scareyness. Edit - probably even scarier than Pee Wee's Great Adventure, a cultural thang?

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Great campaign, except that it seems like a big mistake to market CiTW as straight horror. It's WAY more funny than scary,* and I'd think that lots of folks going in expecting straight horror are going to be disappointed and possibly angry.

As for this: While itís by no means a production that will go down in the hall of cinema fame... Harumph.

*I mean for people accustomed to horror--obviously lots of exceptions, especially children (what were those parents thinking?)
I found some of the first half of the movie really scary - in particular, the wolf's head scene (the classic horror trick of misdirection/false expectations, where expecting that something awful will happen is scarier than anything really happening) and the basement scene with them reading the journal. The Zombie Redneck Torture family was rather scary, too. The rest of the movie wasn't - especially when it gets to the elevator, the monsters were just incredibly fun references. The funny and meta factors far outweigh the scare factor, but it's not that there are no scary parts.
I just watched Cabin in the Woods recently. I found no part of it scary, but I'm kind of horror movie proof at this point. I still enjoyed it immensely though and find that story about the Japanese ads pretty cool

The "Let's get this party started" sequence of scenes near the end of the movie was the most fun I've had watching a movie in a long time.

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