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March 08 2013

Joss Whedon's 'Much Ado About Nothing' bus is why Vine exists. enjoys the vidlets from the bus journey along with the rest of us (and we see Fran getting an idea and the now obligatory Harlem Shake).

There's lot more in the Storify of media that's been posted from the trip.
Yeah, I wish that would catch on more; it's comprehensive (I posted a link at Twitter to a photo I commented on and wish others would join in the fun).
This video is my favorite thing. EVER. Possibly better than everything Joss has ever done, combined.

EDIT: And I just noticed that the last shot includes someone holding the DVD of "What to Expect When You're Expecting." Amaaazing.

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Fran posted one from the dance party that I can't include because it's not hashtag'd and wasn't tweeted, so there's no way for me to get the URL.
The Fran gets an idea video is a classic.
I swear in that one someone in the background is beating up something that isn't a person.
"Fran is admired" - Tom just cracks me up! Also, Brian and Nick (BriTANick) seem to be right at home, which bodes well for their futures in the Whedonverse.

b!x, I believe that is what is commonly referred to as a Joss ;)

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No, the left side. Razzin' frazzin' mumble. ETA: Oh, I see now. It's his shoe.

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2013-03-09 00:14 ] : Yes, these are 6 glorious seconds.
Is it normal for the sound to be out of sync with the video in these things? Or is it just my computer? Because in the magic tricks you hear the clapping and then he claps. Very disorienting.
Egads that Fran is cute.
I can't stop giggling at Fran getting an idea. It's too priceless.
And on this bus ride, the art of the 6 second film was perfected.
They're going to have to come back to SXSW next year for a panel on how they turned a 24 hour bus ride into an improv film festival posted in real time to social media. Because wow, that looks fun.
So I guess Amy Acker flew? I wonder if she is sorry she didn't ride the bus? I wonder if Joss thinks he should have flown with her!
And despite being in the picture outside the bus (I think), Alexis Denisof was not on the bus. Was he going to be at SXSW as well?
I've really been enjoying the Vine movies - even the fuzzy ones. The Magic tricks and Fran gets an idea are perfect little gems.
I have never heard of vine before so I took this as a opportunity to temporarily allow all scripts on my browser and now I'm seeing what I've missed the last 24 hours. Awesome Sauce!
I was happy they did a video about not doing a Harlem Shake video...

...but then they did a Harlem Shake video. Because nothing says Harlem Shake like a bus full of white folks who did a play by a dead white writer, I guess.
Well this has been really fun to follow for the last 30 hours or so, and I'll be hoping for Q&A video at SXSW. I would actually like to see someone cut all the vine and still photos together into one fun little youtube video.
That many hilarious people on a bus together? The mind reels...

ETA: Joss, I love you , but that's not the Harlem Shake. This is the Harlem Shake.

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I finally got it to work. Ugh.
Looks like they had fun. Good to see.
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What ManEnoughToAdmitIt said.
Hours later, I'm still laughing. I'm wondering if we could add to the database of quotations in the upper-right-hand corner, "We could watch this one!"

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