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"Emma? Honey...? War?"
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March 09 2013

US premiere of Much Ado About Nothing today in Austin, Texas. There will be a panel with Joss and the cast after the screening at the SXSW festival. Expect a lot of reviews and interviews in the next few days. ETA: MuchAdoFilm is tweeting from the event (cool pics).

I live in Austin and I'm tempted to head down to the convention center for some good-ole-fashioned stalking, but alas I think I'll stay at home.
Only just managed to see the film - they let in more people than there were seats, but after a while they said that we could sit on the floor. Then, just as the film was about to start, extra chairs were found.

Really enjoyed the film - enormous fun.

Good Q&A afterwards - Fillon thanked Joss for making him do the film and came up with the best line, quipping that it takes a big man to fill Tom Lenk's tiny jacket.

Joss said that if Shakespeare had written more scenes, he could have shown more of the rooms in his house.

Most importantly, Amy Acker + stairs = comedy gold.

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