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March 09 2013

Toy Vault announces "Firefly: Out to the Black", a cooperative card game. Their first in a line of Firefly-themed tabletop games. They made the announcement via Facebook. A version of the rules can is available here.

Not to be confused with the role-playing game from Margaret Weis Productions and the board game from Gale Force Nine, both of which were also announced recently.

I'm not sure what to think. I'm most optimistic about the game from Gale Force Nine at the moment.
The important thing is they keep intimating there might be a Tall Card game in their future.
I like the namin' convention of the skills.
I suppose there's no hope for a Choose Your Own Firefly Adventure book?
That seems...complicated.

But I'd want to be Inara, so I could be pretty.

'cept I wouldn't do well at the Companion thing, so...hmm. I'm not crazy-smart, so I couldn't be River, I'm not technically smart so I couldn't be Kaylee, and I'm not fierce so I couldn't be Zoe.

Argh.. why 3+.. some people play games as a couple. :( Sorry to be negative, but this is a serious pet peeve that I have.

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