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March 09 2013

Liveblog of the SXSW Much Ado About Nothing Q&A. "For Nathan - how did you get to be so awesome?":

Nathan: That's a good question. First of all, you sit have excellent taste. I have made a career of riding coattails. The secret to being awesome is picking the right coattails. I enjoy acting and I love telling stories, but until I met Joss I wasn't good at it."

Thanks Leaky News and thanks Caroline for sharing this!
Aside from the awesomeness of Joss, which we kind of take for granted at this point, there were some really interesting and insightful questions there. Thanks to all concerned.
That last question/answer was interesting and I'm sure it will open no cans full of worms. :)

The coverage of this whole Much Ado about SXSW has been stellar! Gratitude to all involved.

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