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February 24 2004

Season six Buffy R1 DVD cover art released. Buffy, (dark)Willow, and Xander make the cover cut this time around.


Well, much as I think Spike warranted a cover spot over Xander, it's better than our R2 covers with just Buffy.
You're right, I think Spike should have deserved the S6 cover spot. But then again, they gave him a disc art on Season 3 over Giles, Oz or Cordy, despite the fact he was only in one episode.

But he was on the cover of S5... Maybe they actually should give Xander a chance ;)
I agree. I'm glad Xander is on there and it's good to see Dark Willow. They always emphasise Spike too much. On the R2 VHS releases, they had pictures of Spike and Dru, even though Spike was in one episode and Dru didn't even appear!
Agreed, it's nice to see Xander. I would've loved to have seen Giles on one of these. I love Spike but it did bother me the season three one featured him over others and he was only in the one episode. Besides, Xander saves the world at the end of season six with his crayon speech!!
Xander has always been my favorite character on Buffy. Nice to see him get cover art. And I prefer to think of it as his "I love you" speech. Not many people can understand the capacity to love without wanting to have sex, but strangely can easily understand sex without love...
Xander is the heart and soul of the Scoobies.
I'm happy that Tara is finally getting some attention.
Me too about Tara. It always kind of bugged me that she wasn't listed as a regular cast member until the day they killed her off. I loved Tara and thought she was a wonderful character.
definately liked season 6. cant wait till it comes out.
I guess it was a silly pipe dream of mine to have the geek trio lineup on a disc. Alas... I shall settle for Xander finally getting some credit on the cover.
Not many people can understand the capacity to love without wanting to have sex, but strangely can easily understand sex without love...

I think you're underestimating most people. If you've ever had a friend who is just a friend, you can understand love without wanting to have sex. But let's not forget, Willow and Xander wanted to get it on in Season it wasn't completely love without wanting sex.

As much as I love Spike, I agree that one epi in season 3 shouldn't have warranted a disk pic. But I'd say if there was ever any season Spike really had an impact on, it was Season 6.
I love it. Im glad Xander made it on the cover.
Cordeilia shoudlve been on the season 3 discs instead of Spike.

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Only one more to go, any chance Giles will get the cover for season 7?
Giles doesn't get his face on much - cause he's 'old' and NOBODY is going to want to buy stuff with 'old people' on them.


My Buffy S2 DVD disc labels have all the Scoobies on them, except Giles. Spike and Drusilla are even on them, I think (they're out on loan, so I can't check), for crying out loud. No Giles. I think it's obscene, this obsession with youth. Ugh.
The obsession with youth is a particularly American one and as an American, I agree that it is obscene. Giles is as crucial as the Scooby kids as far as I'm concerned and it burns me up that he's not given more attention. He's gorgeous, too. Stupid youth-mongering marketers.
I agree, I think Giles is totally hot!! He deserved to be on one of those covers with Buffy, especially once he became the father figure to her.
Giles is extrememly hot, especially in later seasons. One my favorite Giles moments is the end of Two to Go when the door of the Magic Box bursts open and there's Giles. "I'd like to test that theory." Hello, Ripper!

So yeah, put ASH on the Season 7 DVD cover or disks (or both), That man is phenomenal and deserves his own Ripper show.

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electricspacegirl , I couldn't agree more. That was one hell of a Ripper moment! And he looked pretty sharp in Season 7 too. What a yummy man..... my mind is wandering.....since I AM a Rogue Slayer....he and Wesley might need to team up and put me in my place....Naughty Slayer Sandwich on Watcher Bread.....a side of Spike and this girl's in heaven......
I kind of had hoped for Buffy/Spike and Willow/Tara on the cover. Oh well, these aren't half bad :) But when is Anya getting her own disk?? If the disk that has Selfless on it doesn't feature her...*grumble* Hopefully whatever happened between EC and Fox won't effect that.
Um...nice as it is to see Xander get attention...and Giles should be in 4--still I gotta ask? Uh...seen season six? I know we all have; Spike was thrown down brilliant for every single moment he was on board. Much as I love what he did in seven--and I'm sure it will be appluaded in the years to come as the world catches up to what he was doing (Deeply stated but subtle--seven was a high water mark for him as an actor) but if he was ever to have gotten an emmy from mainstream--it would have been for six. Kinda...bizarre...maybe they plan to put him on seven...
"Hopefully whatever happened between EC and Fox won't effect that." - lovelydarkdeep

Something happened?
I think Internet rumors happened.
I for one hope the entire cast is on the season 7 DVD. BUffy, WIllow, Xander, GIles, Anya, Faith, and Spike. It would be a great tribute to the entire cast.
From what I understand, there was some sort of contract dispute. EC said she loves ME, but would never work for Fox again.
I too am glad that Xander is on the Cover. Though Tara appeared quite a bit in the fifth and Sixth Seasons, so why hasn't she been mentioned in the cast opening credits??
Has anyone else noticed that Sarah has not been interviewed on any of the dvd sets?

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